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Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Pengolahan Air, Pengolahan Limbah, Filter, Media Filter, Reverse Osmosis, Kimia, Boiler/Chiller/Cooling Tower Treatment, Equipment.


PT Aqua First – a water treatment company

FILTRATION: The screening process can be used directly or indirectly in the water treatment process. In water treatment processes, screening is the only process that is required. In addition, screening may be the first stage of the water treatment process is quite complicated. Various equipment for water filtration that we provide are as follows: Sand Filter, Multimedia Filter, Carbon Filter, Iron Filter, Cartridge Filter, Ultra Filtration ( UF).

ION EXCHANGE: Ion exchange technology actually been used for years in the industry. In the process, now there is a wide range of resins available in the market for a variety of needs and regeneration system. Therefore, allows for a saving in investment and operating costs. Most equipment, ion exchange medium used in Softener and others are Double Bed Demineralizer and Mix Bed Demineralizer.

Softener is an apparatus for removing calcium ions (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) from the water. In this way, the levels of hardness (hardness) of water. The process replaces Ca and Mg ions from the raw water with sodium ions (Na). If the softener has done a good job, it is necessary to increase Na ions. This process is called regeneration. Na ion source is salt.

Regeneration process can be done manually or automatically (based on time or volume of product water) Double Bed Deminerlizer & Mix Bed Demineralizer. To remove the rate other ions from the water, as well as Ca and Mg ions, the equipment can be used is Double Bed Deminerlizer & Mix Bed Demineralizer.

REVERSE OSMOSIS / RO: Reverse Osmosis technology is the fastest growing technologies in water treatment. For a long time this technology is used to produce water that can be used as sources of drinking water from almost any type of raw water. RO technology uses a special membrane and high pressure process that allows a separation of the various elements dissolved in water.

This method can produce drinking water quality standards in accordance witWHO (World Health Organization). we provide RO systems that can produce raw water from:

  • ap Water ( Air PAM atau Air Sumur)
  • Brackish Water ( Air Payau)
  • Sea Water ( Air Laut)

DESINFECTION: Chlorination, Ultraviolet ( UV) & Ozonation.

CLARIFIER / SEDIMENTASION TANK: Rectangular Clarifier, Tube Settler, Inclined Plate Settler.

OIL WATER SEPARATOR: Corrugated Plate Interceptor ( CPI), Oil Trap, Grease Trap.

WATER TREATMENT PLANT: Surface Water Treatment, Deep Well Water Treatment, Deep Well Installation, Waste Water Recycle.

Contact: Ir. Adi Sumadi
Company Name: PT Aqua First
Company Address: Jl.Raya Penggilingan Km.0,35 Cakung-Jakarta Timur, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Posted Code : 13940
Phone : (+62-21) 46340371
Mobile Phone: 085214016613
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Email: aqua_first@yahoo.co.id
Website: http://aquafirst.webs.com

About Company:

Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Pengolahan Air, Pengolahan Limbah, Filter, Media Filter, Reverse Osmosis, Kimia, Boiler/Chiller/Cooling Tower Treatment, Equipment

PT Aqua First is a water treatment company and wastewater treatment. The types of work we can do include: planning, procurement, installation, assembly and delivery of the goods to the buyer or the location of the project site, installation of equipment and its accessories at the job site, test & commissioning, operator training, spare parts and consumables, as well as procurement of water treatment equipment.

Our mission is to provide solutions to consumers along with maximum service. PT AQUA FIRST provides products and services include:

  • Water Treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Maintenance and Service Equipment
  • Procurement of Spare Parts and Consumable

Our company has the technical personnel who are experienced in this work. In addition to providing a good service, we are also always provide a guarantee of quality work or equipment that we provide to every customer.

In business enterprise, we aim to always try to provide good service to a variety of industries that include:

  • Properties, such as hotels, offices, dormitories, apartments and malls
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • All types of industries
  • etc

Our company also provides services in the form of planning for water treatment plant and waste water treatment plant. The planning team supported by technical personnel who are trained and experienced in the water treatment industry to ensure systems are designed according to the needs and conditions of raw water.

Planning begins by collecting data from customers or prospective customers based on the answers given to the questionare. Other data required can also be a result of the laboratory analysis of samples taken at the work site. Based on these data plans will be passed to obtain installation images (shop drawing) to be applied at the site will work.

Aqua First Company has experience in their field so that each installation work and commissioning of the equipment can run properly and in accordance with the standards required.

Based on the drawings / sketches supplied by the customer or a drawing made by PT Aqua First and approved by the customer, installation work carried out on site or on-demand customer. Any deviation from the image created will be notified to the applicant and requested approval or input is needed so that the execution of the work done can be fixed in accordance with the project schedule.

Commissioning is performed after all equipment and materials installed in accordance with the shop drawings. In addition, equipment and materials installed have undergone preliminary testing as well as the consent of the parties concerned. The time required for commissioning and depend on the type of the work.

During commissioning, we also conduct training to the operator or customer representatives to run all the equipment in accordance with procedures and perform maintenance in accordance with the instruction manual books that have been made.

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