Zahir, The Best Accounting Softwere Loaded With Innovations

About zahir accounting, the best Indonesian accounting software :

Zahir Accounting is the best financial accounting software full of innovations that are different from other accounting software.

Simplify the accounting, where the entire journal of accounting and financial reports are generated automatically without need to understand the depth of accounting theory.

Simplify your business decisions, because it has various financial statements analysis, such as ratio analysis, break even point analysis, a variety of interactive graphs and reports an interesting and integrated.

With all the advantages, Zahir Accounting Software is more appropriately called ‘business management software’.

Other accounting software is designed only to record the transaction journal, create an income statement and balance sheet, which is only easy to use by those who understand accounting theory, Zahir Accounting is easy to use by anyone.

Zahir Accounting has the advantage of accounting software made by special order (custom made). Software orders are tailor made software based on a customer’s desires, which generally just making functions prioritize the desired subscriber, but often forget about convenience, user interfaces, depth of functionality and toughness.

In short, The benefits of Zahir Accounting software order are:

1. More Easy to Use
Zahir Accounting is made more simple and simple, this can happen because when we made this software, we have surveyed consumer behavior in interacting with computers, so was born the product easy to use.

2. Detail View Better, Neat and Structured.
Software that is made to order usually less tidy, and the table position less regular and not between a standard form with another form, color choice is not harmonious and less attractive.

3. 99.99% Bug Free
This could happen because if there is a bug or error in the software will always be reported by thousands of users so quickly repaired, while the software order is only used by one company and tested by several people.

4. Ready for Use
You can directly use Zahir Accounting after you install this software, without a long setup process and tortuous, with no need adjustments and significant

5. More In
Zahir Accounting is based on the expectations and input of thousands of customers, so many ideas in the form of facilities and ease of this disoftware developed, while the software is made only on orders pemesannya ideas only, so even though its main modules with Zahir Accounting, but you will feel superficial differences and lack of facilities, for example: facilities in Zahir Accounting reports can be clicked to display the transaction details (drill down), the interactive graphics facilities (not passive), the transaction can be edited with audit facilities, etc..

6. Less
Software development orders which require a long time and require specialized staff of programmers who work on the software prepared for the order. So that costs incurred are borne entirely by customers who booked. As for costs incurred from the making of Zahir Accounting is divided into thousands of customers, so the price is very cheap.

7. Proven Reliability and advantage
Zahir Accounting has been used by thousands of users, while the software orders previously untested except by those who ordered it, so has the risk of investment failure is very high. Toughness is the ability to manage large amounts of data and for a long time.

8. No Dependence
Zahir Accounting is a mature software made by companies that clearly exists, the focus is only developing accounting software and has a customer base very much, where this software differs from the order, the customer became very dependent on the company creators, whether they are still next year there? whether programmernya still be reached? whether there is a ticking time bomb that requires you to always contact the maker? etc..

Contact: PT Zahir Internasional

Address: Jl. Kemang Selatan 1C No.20, Kemang – Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia.
Telp. : +62-21-719.7766
Fax. : +62-21-717.92612
E-mail : sales[at]zahir[dot]info


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