Visual Hotel Program, Professional IT Solution

VHP, Professional IT Solution fot The Hotel Industry. Using our solutions our clients are able to provide better customer service while achieving increased operational, management and controll efficiency of their daily operation today and in the future.

  • Front Office Management
  • Online reservation System
  • Restaurant Management
  • Banquest & Conference Management
  • Club Management
  • Back Office Management
  • Interface Solutions to other Systems

1. VHP (Visual Hotel Program)

VHP (Visual Hotel Program) is a fully integrated and modular business intelligence for all needs of the hotel industry. More over twenty years of specialist experience have been turned into this professional software solution. Using VHP, the hotel operators are able to provide better customer service while achieving increased management efficiency of their daily hotel operation.

It is based on 4GL RDBMS and guarantees high performance and highest stability. The fully graphical user interface under MS-Windows offers a comfortable and smooth operation environment. So it is very easy for VHP users to learn and operate the application system within a short period of time.

A complete integration with MS-Office guarantees a fast and easy workflow. Moreover, VHP is available and operates in multiple languages, including Chinese and Russian. The program can be operated by mouse, function keys or keyboard as well. Each field is linked with help buttons and input help to provide permanent user guidance.

VHP is a highly secured hospitality management system. Multiple level security is enabled by user definable privileges access.

VHP integrates the modules Front Office, Point of Sales, Banquet & Conference Management, Club Management, Back Office, Accounting, Fixed Assets and Online Reservation System into an All In One solution with Single Entry Philosophy. Transaction entries in the Front Office, Point of Sales and Inventory modules automatically process and update the General Ledger properly.

2. VHP (Visual Hotel Program) Online

VHP Online is a technologically advanced Online Reservation System which is designed to process B2C (Business to Client) and B2B (Business to Business) Internet bookings. The full integration with VHP enables an easy and efficient management of room rates, reservations and room allotments to increase time efficiency and reduce work load.

Moreover, VHP Online is a Management Console with global and enterprise access to your information. The ability to directly display and download powerful VHP Statistic Reports through the web, enables users to be constantly and real time informed of their property performance.

Using VHP Online you own a powerful tool to perform better service to the end customers, travel agents, corporate clients, property owner and to your own hotel and sales management.

VHP Online is a must-have solution to increase your operational efficiency and maximize yields.

3. VHP SMS Service

The newest VHP SMS Service is another sophisticated solution to provide B2C reservations via SMS and hotel’s broadcast as marketing tool. This module is also linked to the Engineering/Quality Management Module to achieve faster and better customer’s service.

A portion of its highlight features and benefits:

  • Hotel can be booked by any visitor at any time and from anywhere in the world using SMS Technology.
  • Increase service for mobile and SMS minded customers.
  • Hotel guests get real time room availability and rates from VHP.
  • Increase of Time Efficiency, no manual process needed.
  • Automatic transfer of reservation data into the VHP Reservation System.
  • Hotel guests receive SMS and e-mail confirmations as well as cancellation policies.
  • Hotel’s marketing tool to broadcast promotional messages to its customers.

4. VHP Membership Management Module

The Membership Management Module enables hotel operators to manage several membership types including membership fees, membership validity, discounts and/or complimentary benefits for their hotel guests. Using e.g. magnetic card or barcode reader, VHP will automatically recognize guest’s membership discounts for every F&B and/or room transaction with direct link to the billing system.

This feature is also available for multiple properties – using the Customer Information System (CIS) for automatic online sharing of guest’s profile & history and membership details between different environments.

5. Customer Information System

Integrated with the VHP Reservation System, the Customer Information System (CIS) collects and manages guest profile information for designated hotel properties.

CIS automatically transfers profile information between properties to enable profile and membership information sharing between different environments.

6. Visual Banquet Program

Visual Banquet Program is a smart room management solution coupled with an events and meeting planning system.

A portion of its many sophisticated features include:

  • Daily and Weekly Banquet Plan.
  • Equipment Availability and Management.
  • Graphical user definable Room Seating Arrange-ments using the VISIO graphics program.
  • Full integration with MS-Word for Function Sheet, Banquet Menu etc.
  • Banquet Invoicing, multiple payment methods in any predefined currency and Bill Splitting.

7. VHP Fixed Assets Management Module

The VHP Fixed Assets Management module is a sophisticated tool to define and manage the depreciation of new and old fixed assets of the hotel.

The Fixed Assets Management module is linked to the Back Office Management for automatically G/L updates.

8. VHP Engineering/Quality Management Module

The Engineering Module is a task management and communication system designed to provide hotels with an integrated tool to schedule and track maintenance tasks.

This Quality Management System can be integrated with SMS communication system to remotely receive updates and to achieve better customer’s service.

9. Visual Club Program

The VClub Module is especially designed to streamline all areas of the club operation and improve guest service, ultimately increasing membership and profitability.

All the highlights at a glance:

  • Membership Management includes all membership information such as membership type, status, family members, billing information, demo-graphics.
  • Member File is linked to the VHP Guest Card File, so no re-entering of information is needed.
  • Complete Member History.
  • Facility Management for facility booking, scheduling and cancellation.
  • Class Management including enrollment, capacity management and booking fees.
  • Locker Management with active Locker Plan which shows real time locker status of each locker with direct access to Check In function (Today Use and Long Time).
  • Towel Management for registration of all outgoing and returned towels.
  • More than 20 statistical reports, including graphical representation.

VClub can be easily integrated with VHP Pro, VHP Lite and VPOS.

10. Visual Point Of Sales

If you are like most hospitality business owners, these are probably a few of the many things you would like to, but are unable to accomplish because of constraints in terms of time and information. In a market where operators are facing the dilemma of downward pressure on margins, less than excellent service and business acumen, keeping business accuracy and competitiveness is a must.

Avoid day-to-day in-efficiencies e.g.

  • Wrong addition on guest checks.
  • Incorrect items being ordered.
  • Confusion in the kitchen.
  • Ordering food or beverage without putting it on a guest check.
  • Not knowing sales breakdown.
  • Wasted time walking to kitchen and bar to place orders.
  • Shrinkage – Use countdown on item buttons to track detail items.

VPOS – Visual Point Of Sales system has been set to the highest standard for eatery software solution. VPOS is affordable, easy to use, feature rich, system stability and security, and accommodative to the complete system needs to operate the restaurant from Front-end operation to Back-end management.

With integrated modules especially tailor made to suit Fine Dining Restaurant, Quick Service Restaurant, Fast Food Chain, Bakery and other foodservice establishment; VPOS offers total solution to the entire food service industry.

User intuitiveness and ease of use are the design principles of VPOS to enable high level of service to the hospitality business operators.  It is 100% MS Windows based with the wide options to operate under PC / LCD base, Touch Screen hardware or innovative PDA.

11. Visual Retail Program

VRP – Visual Retail Program is a proven reliable and sophisticated software solution for the retail industry, covering Point of Sales, Inventory and Accounting Reporting System.

It is specially developed to capture the transactional and inventory management needs of retail operating business. Each Front-End sales  transaction is automatically linked to the Back-End Inventory Management via its auto stock deduction command.

The Inventory Management Module covers its link to the Manufacturing Process, Work in Progress – Process and Finished Good Management to achieve highest yield in the business operation.

VRP suits chain retail operation with many replicated outlets or branches and/or with manufacturing facilities. The Back End Module captures complete accounting needs to produce accurate Management and Financial Reports to assist the business owners in making good business decisions.


Turning Knowledge into Solutions” is slogan reflects our demand to provide professional IT-Solutions and to perform excellent service for our clients.

PT. SUPRANUSA SINDATA was Founded in 1990 by 2 former software specialists of IBM and Hewlett Packard Corporation – Germany, PT. SUPRANUSA SINDATA is today an international provider of business intelligence solutions for the hospitality, retail and leisure industry. Our solutions cover multi-property and fully integrated hotel management, point of sales, revenue management and online reservation systems as well as consulting, training and support.

With long experience and knowledge in information technology and software development, SINDATA has launched the first hotel management system under Windows in Indonesia in 1999 (VHP – Visual Hotel Program) and is one of the leading hospitality solutions provider at the Indonesian market with high growing rate.

Today we provide optimized solutions for all market segments from luxury to budget hotels, individual and chain hotels. Our clients include Aston International, Choice Hotels Indonesia, Best Western, Savoy, Hapimag, Ramada and Melia just to name a few. VHP is officially appointed as the recommended Hotel Management System of Choice Groups of Hotels Indonesia and Aston Group of Hotels Indonesia/China.

Through our global business partners, SINDATA solutions are used and operated by more than 100 satisfied customers in Indonesia, China, Turkey, Middle East Countries, Cyprus, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

With over 200 installations in 10 countries around the world, PT.  SUPRANUSA SINDATA is now an international business solution provider for the hospitality, retail and leisure industry. Our goal is the success of our clients – which depends on the right tools.

Contact: PT Supranusa Sindata

Address: Gading Bukit Indah B/16, Jakarta 14240, Indonsia.
Phone: (62-21) 4513678, 4513679
Fax: (62-21) 4513845
E-mail: info[at]sindata[dot]net


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