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We are an information technology company that has many years experience in developing and implementing softwere of computer to meet the needs of information systems the HR/Payroll department.

Our Products: Omegasoft Payroll, is a computer program to help manage the data associated with HR, Payroll and Income Tax 21 easily, efficiently, quickly and accurately. Omegasoft Payroll have long been tested and used by many companies in Indonesia.

Features of Payroll Omegasoft:

  • Complete module, integrated and easy to use.
  • Time Job and salary component can be set flexibly.
  • Links to all kinds of attendance machine.
  • Employees Local / expat, exit / enter the middle years.
  • Tax Calculation Method: Net, Gross or Mixed (according Per-31/PJ/09)
  • a complete Tax Report: Tax Return Period, 1721-I, 1721-II, 1721-A1, 1721-T, Income Tax Withholding Evidence Code 21 and 21 Income Tax Withholding Evidence (according Per-32/PJ/09)
  • Link with the latest Annual eSPT data.
  • Click the link with the BCA program, Citibank, Bank BII and others.
  • Facilities export / import data into Microsoft Excel.
  • Report Generator.
  • Multi-Layer Security, Multi User, Multi Company, Multi Branch, Multi NPWP, Multi Currency, Multi Department and Multi Division.
  • The program can be customized.
  • etc

Payroll Omegasoft consists of 7 modules integrated program are: employees, attendance, salaries, taxes, jamsostek, treatment and loans. Omegasoft Payroll is available in more than 90 pieces ready reports. If necessary you can make a new report that there were not restricted to using the Report Generator.

Employee Module

Through this module can be stored and displayed information: biographical data, photographs, family members, history of formal education, non-formal education history, history of work experience in previous companies, mutation history, history of sanctions received, achievement history, and detailed facility data employee received. Existing employee data can be filtered, sorted by branch, division, department, position, class, etc.

This module is designed to assist the management of employee attendance data in a flexible, easy, efficient and accurate. Schemes of work time employees in a period (eg: 5-2, 6-1, 4-3, 6-2, 5-2-6-1, etc..) Can be regulated by flexible for each employee. To facilitate entry / edit the data provided some form of attendance entry screen / edit data absences. Data from Attendance Machine can be transferred to the Payroll Omegasoft system, so that clock in / clock back each employee actually does not need to input manually. The number of overtime, late fee and leave the rest can be calculated automatically by the program.

Payroll Module

Components of salary (basic salary, allowances and discounts) can set flexible: daily / monthly, using the formula, taxable / non-taxable, paid in advance / behind, and the type of valutanya. THR and Bonus Amount can be calculated automatically by the program. All the components of the large salaries fixed unit is set up (again) if there is a change only. If required data can be imported to the salary component / exported from / to Excel. For the purposes of salary payment via bank, the system can make data in the format required for salary transfer via Klik BCA, Citibank, Bank BII and others. Equipped with many variations of the report ready Salaries and Wages Slip report and Monthly Payroll

Module Number

The system can calculate your Income Tax Income Tax 21 by using the method: Net-Covered Company, the Net-Backed Peruvian company, Gross / Taxes Covered Employees, Mixed-Backed Net and Gross, Mixed-Net and Gross Covered, Mixed-Backed Gross and Net, and Mixed-Gross and Net Covered.

Parameter Number (tariff cost position, taxable income, tax rate, etc..) Can be set by the user adjust the applicable government regulations.

Can handle employees whose income fluctuates each month, entry / exit mid-year, local officials / expat and employees who moved branches / NPWP more than once a year.

The system can generate all the standard tax reporting government (according Per-32/PJ/2009) relating to Income Tax Article 21, and reports of other taxes for internal purposes as well perusahaan.Omegasoft Payroll can be linked with the latest eSPT program issued by the government.

The system can calculate your Income Tax Income Tax 21 (according Per-31/PJ/2009) report which could set up their own by the user.


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