Inventory System

Online Inventory Management Software

Online Inventory Management Software

This company provide Online Inventory Management Software, Order fulfillment and Control System, Small Business Manufacturing Solution. Megaventory can help you:

  • Manage Inventory in Multiple Locations / Sales Points
  • Control your Supplier Inventory Levels
  • Manage Goods Inbound and/or Goods Outbound Inventory Transactions
  • Manage Quotes, Sales and/or Purchase Orders (Drop-Shipment capable)
  • Create Work Orders by and manufacture finished goods from their raw materials (using BOMs)
  • Create Users with Exclusive Permissions (Users may be restricted to specific pages, specific locations and to specific suppliers or clients)
  • Customize Text Strings so you can apply your preffered terminology and/or language (Language packs exist for: Chinese, Italian, Norwegian, Greek, Turkish, Spanish, Arabic and the list is growing fast!)
  • Take Data Backups and set Restore Points
  • Create Custom Dynamic Business Intelligence Reports and Graphs and share them with your partners

Contact: Giorgos Giorgos
Company Name: Megaventory Inc.

Company Address:
PO Box 170436 Austin
TX 78717, United States
Phone :  3033987060

About Company:
Megaventory is the most leading company that offers services like inventory system, order management and inventory management system and inventory management services to keep your database for long term and quick reply.

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