Consultant for Information Technology

PT. Darel Selaras Utama Is a consultant of Information Technology and communication and educational development:

  • Business Process
  • Workflow
  • Database System
  • Bar Code System
  • Statistical Analysis
  • GIS Application
  • Automation System
  • MIS – Website
  • Graphic /Multimedia

Our Services:

1. Create SOP (Standard Operation Procedure)

To ensure the achievement of company objectives should be a company or organization have SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) is used as a guide in the company’s operations. The SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) quide the steps the company can be clearly set up regular, systematic, efficient and effective. With SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) Various confusion and waste of resources can be minimized, thus the company’s performance can be improved. By using the SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) a company or organization to be so neat to be able to satisfy customers and have a competitive advantage. Thus, companies can increase profits while saving cost and can compete against business challenges.

  • SOP of Education
  • SOP of Admissions
  • SOP Student and Teacher Absenteeism (attendance) with fingers can machines
  • SOP of Teaching and Learning Activities
  • SOP of Administration
  • SOP of Increase Quality with system with CCTV.

Company SOP:

  • SOP of HRD & GA
  • SOP of Finance and Accounting
  • SOP of Marketing
  • SOP of Purchasing
  • SOP of Produce
  • SOP of production
  • SOP of Agency / Government
  • SOP of Finance
  • SOP of Employment
  • SOP of logistics
  • SOP of security
  • SOP of asset management

2. Website Development

Website for the company has advantages for both customers and internal users, its ability to access an extremely wide and the absence of time constraints in access so that customers can be served to the needs and transaction information from wherever and at any time. PT. Darel Selaras Utama serving companies / institutions / organizations that want to build a website or who want to develop a website which has been running. Included in our services is the maintenance and content management for websites

3. Education

– Education Quality Improvement With CCTV system:

Along with the development of information technology world and also the development of technology products CCTV systems, it is very useful for integrated surveillance systems, security surveillance and monitoring the course of business activities, it is no exception can be used in education. The development of the education management system and the tight competition in the education sector today, requires the institution to operate as effectively and as efficiently as possible, especially for the purpose of profit, the optimal cost savings and high quality of education.

– Interactive CD:

Its people more aware of the importance of the media who helped learning was beginning to be felt. Management of learning tools are urgently needed. Even this growth is gradual. Metamorphosis from a library that emphasizes the provision of print media, to supply-demand and service delivery in multi-sensory capabilities of diverse individuals to absorb information, make the service provided is absolutely mandatory and widely bervariatif.

In addition, with the ever-expanding advances in communications and technology, and it found the dynamics of learning, the implementation of educational activities and teaching more demanding and getting media education also varies widely. Because it is an internal process of learning is in man the teacher is not the only source of learning, but it is one component of learning resources called people. Interactive CDs can be an alternative in the medium of learning.

– e-Library

As one of the facilities in teaching and learning, school libraries have a major function of education, in addition to other functions of storage, conservation and recreational library materials. Common services provided is the provision of school library reading material for its users, namely students, teachers and employees. Amid the development of information technology advances today, school libraries need to make new breakthroughs to improve the quality and quantity of service to users.

This can be done for example by applying the e-library.  e-library or electronic library is the storage of information, documents, audiovisual, and graphic materials stored in various types of media ranging from, for example, printed books, magazines, reports and posters to mikrofis, slid, movies, videos, compact discs, audio tapes , optical discs, magnetic tapes, diskettes or floppy discs, and other media that is being developed.

– Optimizing Computer Laboratory

We have computer lab has grown from only used as a computer training into the classroom for all subjects. Computer lab could be the language laboratory, both Indonesian and English language lab. In addition, currently developing a multimedia interactive learning methods that can help improve students’ understanding of the material. On the other hand, the use of computers by students who are not supervised / monitored by the teacher could be fatal. These computers could be used for things that are not supposed to, such as playing games, listening to music / video is not supposed to, browsing inappropriate websites and many other things.

Therefore there must be a way so that teachers can monitor computers that are in use students directly and without disturbed students. With a software that has been specially designed teacher can monitor students throughout the display screen or see what programs are running by students, and teachers can show also anything on the monitor of his computer to look at the students.

Through software that has been specially designed teachers can communicate with a video written and audio, but it can lock the computer teacher students when students are not doing well pleased. Through software that has been specially designed teacher can also turn off / turn on remote computer students, create test / exam online with ease

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