Application As You Want

We develope apps as what you want, as what you need.

Contact:  Bangkit Bientang Anggara
Company Name: PT Mikro Inovasio Triniti

Company Address:
Citylofts Sudirman suite 2106A,
Jl. KH. Mas Mansyur no. 121,
Jakarta, 10220, Indonesia
Phone :  0215612 5630
Mobile Phone: 087881511279
Email: admaster [at]

Information Technology is very necessary, assist, facilitate all  activities of human life. Starting from communicating with a telephone, mobile phone, Fax, Internet, chat service. Calculating flow into and out personal or corporate finance. Noting the company’s inventory for the warehouse. Deal with employee issues on a corporate or student at a school or campus.

All use application that builds upon the knowledge of information technology. Likewise with the supporting equipment such as computers, data cables, servers, and others.

We also work based on our knowledge of information technology. We are making an application, modify a device (hardware) to have the ability to build a website. Other systems based on other information technology that we also do, such as Observation System (Surveillance) with CCTV.

The point is that we also wanted to create something in order to facilitate the activities of human life on this earth. Once again it easier, not make it more complicated.

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