A Leading Information Rights Management solution looks for local partners

Our company is Coworkshop Solutions Ltd
which is a leading provider of Information Rights Management solutions. We are also the certified solution partner of SolidWorks, IBM and Microsoft.
Now we would like to look for potential reseller in your country and we look forward to the cooperation with you soon.

Many manufacturing and design companies with CAD/CAM software want to prevent users to take sensitive and CAD/CAM design files out of company when they create, edit or save files. Curtain e-locker is a perfect andproven solution to solve those problems.

Curtain e-locker


By using Curtain e-locker, companies can allow users to access sensitive files and meanwhile prevent users to print, save as, or send files to external sources during daily operations if they are not authorized. Users can Only save files in Protected Folders/Drives. Curtain e-locker seamlessly supports and integrates with wide range of CAD/CAM solutions and over 50 applications with Office Utilities, Graphics & Multimedia and so forth. Our clients have found it effective to protect their sensitive design files.

Data security protection is a very hot topic among companies so most companies are looking for this solution. You will make current clients more confident by offering Curtain e-locker as total protection of data leakage over competitors. We provide effective technical support and very high profit margin for resellers.

Please let us know if you would like to know details of Curtain e-locker or price for resellers. Thank you very much for your attention.

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Willard Lam

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