Rubber Fender, Rubber Bumper, Dock Bumper

Rubber Fender is a kind of protection facility suitable to be installed on the wharf. Rubber Fender Type V.

Rubber Fender

  • Type Rubber Fender AOV
  • ACV Type Rubber Fender
  • Type Rubber Fender NV
  • Type Cylindrical Rubber Fender
  • Rubber Fender Type BC
  • Type Rubber Fender NC
  • Type Rubber Fender SBP
  • Type Rubber Fender DC
  • Type Rubber Fender RC
  • CONE Type Rubber Fender


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About Company:

Construction Rubber Products Gada Bina Usaha – Indonesia :
Construction Industry is an most important aspect of the growth of any country’s economy. This industry gives a sound base for the development of other sectors of an economy. For constructing huge infrastructure and giving it the final, finishing look, lot of heavy and light machineries are required. The construction industry is responsible for manufacturing construction machines and these machines perform various tasks like excavating, digging, loading, hauling, unloading, demolition, paving and finally the construction of huge structures such as building, port, jetty, bridge,etc.

Various rubber products used in the construction are as follows: Rubber Fender (Dock Fenders, Dock Bumpers) V Rubber Fender, Rubber Fender D, Cylindrical Rubber Fenders, Square Fender, Rubber Fender type M, Rubber Fender type A, Dock Bumpers general use for Pier, Jetty, Port, Warehouse,

Rubber Sheet (Rubber Strip, Rubber Sheet) for construction and industrial use Elastomeric Bearing Pads (Laying Elastomer for Bridges – Bridge Bearings Rubber) with various type and form of general use in the construction of the Bridge but this time Elastomeric Bearing Pads usage in a variety of uses for
other construction and Industry. Expantion Joint Rubber.

rubber Fendr Products

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