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coupling chain


Industrial Power Transmission Products Distributor.

Established in the 70s, Talimas is proud to introduce itself as one of the largest distributors of industrial power transmission products in Indonesia. Talimas carries a wide variety of power transmission products to suit your industrial needs, with the most complete selection of various types, sizes, and brands of power transmission products.

Talimas aims to exceed the expectations of our customers by offering premium and genuine products, outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value; thus maximizing operational efficiency.

Our team of staff can be distinguished by their knowledge of the products that we offer, as well as their technical expertise, combined with their hands-on experience on the field; thus providing customers with the optimal options of products or brands, as well as their professional service. We pride ourselves for effectively providing customers with the best options of types, sizes, and brands of our products.

wire mesh

wire mesh

With 40 years of experience in this industry, Talimas still strives to update itself with the latest technology and industrial knowledge. Superior products coupled with technical expertise and industry knowledge makes TALIMAS the ultimate choice for factories and suppliers to purchase the needed industrial power transmission products in Indonesia.

Talimas is proud to be the distributor of the following brands, such as:

  • Mitsuboshi (Japan)
  • Optibelt (Germany)
  • Gates (USA)
  • Lyndon (USA)
  • Habasit (Switzerland)
  • Ameraal (Netherlands)
  • Nitta (Japan)
  • DID (Japan)
  • Hitachi (Japan)
  • Mita (Taiwan)
  • NSW (Germany)
  • Contitech (Germany)
  • Star (Korea)
  • Continental (Korea)
  • Neupex (Germany)
  • KTR (Germany)
  • Fenner (England)
  • OKS (Japan)
  • Lovejoy (USA)
  • TB Woods (USA)
  • Bridgestone (Japan)
  • Toyo (Japan)
  • Renold (England)
  • Martin (USA)
  • Whale (Japan)
  • Jackson Fasteners (USA)
  • Flexco (USA)
  • Tiger (China)
  • Camel (China)
  • Rema Tip Top (USA)

Talimas carries the most complete selection of industrial power transmission products, such as:



fasteners belt

fasteners belt

  • V-Belt
  • Timing Belt
  • Polyflex
  • Polybelt / Ribbed Belt
  • Polychain
  • Variable Speed Belt
  • Cogged Belt
  • Flat Belt
  • Banded V-Belt
  • conveyors



  • Double Cogged Belt
  • PU Timing Belt
  • Plastic Belt
  • Plastic Belt with Profiles
  • Round Belt
  • PU Tubing
  • Transmission Belt
  • Sakai Belt
  • gear sprocket

    gear sprocket



  • Open-End V-Belt
  • Link Belt
  • Roller Chain
  • Double-pitch Chain
  • Leaf Chain
  • Detachable Chain
  • Pintle Chain
  • Silent Chain
  • PIV Chain
  • Heavy Duty Chain
  • Tabletop Chain
  • Conveyor Belt (Rubber / PVC)
  • roller conveyors

    roller conveyors

  • Conveyor Belt (Flat / Cleated)
  • Belt Fasteners
  • Belt Hook
  • Belt Lacing
  • Cement Adhesive
  • Chain Coupling
  • Bowex Coupling
  • Powergrip Coupling
  • Grid / Falk Coupling
  • Shaft Coupling
  • Universal Joint
  • Tyre Rubber Coupling
  • Fenner Coupling
  • Hyperflex Coupling
  • Normex Coupling
  • Neupex Coupling
  • Kana Hyperflex Coupling
  • LoveJoy Coupling
  • Rotex Coupling
  • Centaflex Coupling
  • Sureflex Coupling
  • V-Pulley
  • Timing Pulley
  • Taper Bush
  • Sprocket / Gear
  • Bevel Gear
  • Nylon Gear
  • Spur Gear
  • Gravity Roller Conveyor
  • Heavy Duty Roller
  • Ball Transfer
  • Skate Wheel
  • Foot Adjuster
  • Wire Mesh / Wire Screen
  • Belt Dressing
  • Variety of tools, etc

Should you have any inquiries or questions with regards to industrial power transmission products, or our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for reading our company profile and the list of products Talimas offers. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Contact: TALIMAS


Jl. Hayam Wuruk, Komplek Glodok Jaya no. 45
Jakarta-Barat 11180,

Tel: (021) 6263441/42
Fax: (021) 6240129
HP : 0815 1010 9316

Contact Person: Marlene Wilianto
Title: VP of Marketing

Email : talimas(at)

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