KELI SZCX Injection Blow Molding Machine

Keli SZCX injection blow molding machine is for 2-1000ml PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS, BAREX material, one layer plastic bottle molding. It can mould plastic bottles like eye dropper bottle, chewing gum bottle, lotion bottle, pill bottle etc in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic packing industry.mhl at tzkeli, com, cn.

3 Models SZCX 130 30 with screw dia 36mm, SZCX 160 45 with screw dia 45mm,SZCX 250 60 with screw dia 52mm are available.


1.  Finished bottle is molded at one time, using hot runner system and high pressure injection making high precision in bottle neck and screw, 100 percent seaming with cap with little change of bottle weight, uniform wall thick, none kerf and flash, none weld line at bottom, widely used in pharmaceutical bottle packing industry.

2. Three station arranged at 120, reduction of the cycle time, increase in production efficiency.

3. Adopted hydraulic and pneumatic components of well known brands from Germany and Japan.

4. Advanced and accrate PID temperature control system.

Other products: double station extrusion blow molding machine, plastic bottle preform mould, injection blow mould, extrusion blow mould, plastic cap mould.

Contact: Huali Mei ( zhejiang keli plastic machinery )

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This company is China’s largest production base of plastic injection molding machines. It is specializing in producing one stage injection blow molding machine for 3~500ml bottle and single station, double station extrusion blow molding machine for max 4L, max 10L, max 50L bottle in food,  pharmaceutical and cosmetic packing field. All our machines are suitable for single layer, PP, PE, PC, PS, BAREX, ABS material bottle.


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