Why Do We Choose Free Hosting?

If you are a beginner in online business, and still hesitate to buy paid hosting and paid domain, you can try a free domain and hosting that widely available on the Internet. Domain for free, it’s usually what you get is a subdomain of the main domain.

But this is not a problem, although the number of characters to be rather long. Once you have a domain / subdomain, the next step is to choose hosting for your domain. Hosting described as “home” for your domain, while the domain itself is the “address” of your home. So the hosting is the place to accommodate all the data to run a blog / website.

On the internet there are plenty of free hosting you can use. Of course, because it is free, there are some features that do not exist, or, if any, are not many such as paid hosting. There are some good deals on the internet concerning web space and hosting but you have to look to find the best deals. You should also consider how long a provider has been in business.

Finding free web space on the Internet is simple. All you have to do is use a simple Web search (Google, AltaVista or Yahoo) and the results should bring back options for free web space. There are many individuals and businesses looking for a place to put their website without having to pay for the service. These free services can provide anywhere from 5MB to 100Mb of online web space for hosting your web site.

One of site provide free hosting, well-known as good free hosting is 000webhost.com. Although it’s free hosting, but the features offered quite a lot and nearly matching the paid hosting, very nice. Features offered by 000webhost.com is as follows:

  • 250 Mb of disk space.
  • 100 GB bandwidth.
  • Host your own domain.
  • cPanel.
  • Host unlimited domains.
  • More than 500 website templates.
  • Free POP3 email box.
  • Support FTP and web-based file manager access.
  • PHP mySQL.
  • Fantastico Auto Installer.
  • No advertising.

Free sites also come with some cool stuff, such as counters, guest books, virtual domain names, tracking logs, blogs, copy and past scripts that are usually Java code scripts and more. These additions are good or people that have little or no knowledge into building a web site.

A free service provides benefits to all people and may sound like a good idea but the goal is to do your research to see if the deals are viable or not. Free services can also bring other unwanted things that you have to deal with when you sign up for the service. Usually, you have to submit to advertising and surveys by filling out a form before you can get your free service. Be sure that you read the user agreements that come with the free services.

Although sometimes there are ads appear, but that does not matter, the important, The ads does not appear in the header or sidebar. You can try the facility of Blogspot through its site www.blogger.com, where there are no ads appear, But you are obliged to put a link “powered by blogger” and forbidden to remove the navbar above. However, we get a free blog hosting from blogger.Com, so as a thanks, we shall put their links on our blogs, because it does not interfere with our blog visitors view.

You can go on the cheap and don’t want advertisements running on your site, you can get a service similar to free hosting but you would have to pay a small fee to keep your web page ad-free.  Some of these providers will offer you a service for $2.95 a month with 100MB of web space if that’s all that you need, and you can always upgrade your packages.

There’s a lot of competition for your Web site hosting dollars, and you can find some pretty good deals if you look hard enough. How? Not bad if you choose a free hosting? But most importantly, don’t forget to frequently backup your data, to avoid any unwanted.

Are you interested in free hosting services? if you are interested, you can search on Google.com by typing a keyword “Free Hosting” or “Free domain” or “cheap hosting“. With free hosting services, you can start your own business and put the files of your business presentation in the internet world.


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