What is Web Hosting?

If you will visit a site, for example www.panelbusiness.com, you will find domain and hosting. What is the domain? Domain is the name of site or blog and unique in the world of the Internet. This means that there is not same domain name or identical.

For example domain name “google.com“, then there is only 1 domain name that named “google.com in the internet world, there is no the same domain name. For offline world, of course the are same name for men.

Beside Domain, there is other important things so that a site or blog can be read visitors, which known is hosting or web hosting. What Is web hosting? If imaged, domain is the address, then the hosting is the place or space on a computer hard drive for storing data and document sites, such as: databases, images, videos, files and so on. The computer is a server, where we are given the facilities to control of the Control Panel (Cpanel) from cpanel.net. On the server machine we put the files so that the site can be accessed visitors from around the world.

A web hosting service provides a service that allows individuals and businesses to post web pages to the internet. A web hosting service provider sells or for free (with advertisements on the web page) is a business that provides the servers and technologies to view web-sites on the internet.

Site’s data that can be stored on hosting such as sites company, personal sites, free classified ads sites, online business sites, blogs, online forums and etc..

Web hosting services are services that customers can utilize after they have purchased monthly dial up or broadband services that allow them access to the internet. Web hosting services use hosting and client architecture to load content to the server so web pages and information can be viewed on the internet in its original HTML format.

Web Hosting Service is one of the internet service that works to provide or display web pages on the Internet for individuals or organizations. The concept of web hosting services is to provide a room – a room on the server machine to the user.

A web hosting company will offer clients access to a server that will provide the clients’ content to individuals on the World Wide Web after they make a URL or domain name request. To view pages on the web, you must have a web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator to request the web page from the server after you have purchased internet access.

Web sites are pages that are stored on a computer called a server. The server is a part of a network of computers on the internet or World Wide Web that allows users of the internet to reach your site anywhere in the world at anytime. The internet is open 24 hours, seven days a week around the clock.

Host computers are configured so that when your URL or domain name is typed in, the address will use a pointer routine (look for the address from terminal to terminal) until it reaches the computer that hosts your web-site. Then, if all is okay, your web site should display itself on the users screen.

Hosting companies require that you buy your URL or domain name first before you purchase hosting services. Most hosting companies have a package that will allow you to buy the domain name and hosting at the same time.

So, if we want our website or blog can be seen by readers from around the world, we have to upload it to a computer server and stored on a host to online. Now dayas, there are a lot of hosting companies that offer free hosting on their servers. For a free hosting, usually we only get a subdomain, space, and hosting facilities that are less powerful. However, if you just want to make personal blog, free hosting is enough satisfied.

Beside free hosting, there are also paid hosting. Perhaps it is appear a question in your mind, if there is a free hosting, why do we have to use a paid hosting? why?

This question is interesting, because many beginner bloggers who do not understand bout this. Actually this is very simple, it’s depending on the financial situation and the purpose of making site or blog. Certainly paid hosting offers and features a more complete if compared with free hosting. For example: FTP, mysql, free of advertising and we can create an email address with our own domain name like: info@yourdomainname.com, and most importantly, the site placed on paid hosting will be free of advertising/ banner/ popups.

Free hosting has many limitations, such as space and banwith small, often there are ads that appear and disturbing, and the tight regulation of the hosting company that provides free hosting.

However, if you want to use free hosting, too good, you should consider is the selection of your domain name (sub domain), so easy to remember by the people. If your financial situation has improved, you can hire a paid hosting and buy a domain.

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