Uncle Oyo Saryo, the ex land former become entrepreneur of CHICKEN porridge

Oyo Saryo profession was just stiff hoe (laborer) common origin of Majalengka, West Java, now changed into a Bos of Chicken porridge “Mang Haji OyoTea” which currently has 8 branches. How success story Uncle Oyo, which is determined to change the fate of only a laborer to be a businessman only with chicken porridge stock determination, tenacity and hard work?.

On the day of the week, in surapati Road, Bandung, right location where chicken porridge “Mang haji Oyo Tea” looks quiet. Where visitors move? apparently deserted the situation, not because teh chicken porridge not selled, but it is no more again couse eaten by customers. Today, the 160 sold-out portion. The cashier counted the results are in sales, while the officers are tidy chairs and tables, business owners the the porridge, Oyo saryo, unwind.

The buyers is willing to queuing to buy food labeled “Chicken Porridge Mang Haji (MH) Oyo Tea”. Uncle Oyo, usually he is called, he has been selling chicken porridge since 1976. Oyo Saryo success story is a picture of people’s tenacity to carry a small business with only a scant capital knee, and strong determination to change fate. Oyo is a son of poor farmers from the village Salawangi, Bantarujeg Sub-district, district Majalengka. While he is still small, he lives with a cow or a buffalo herd to pay for school. In the morning he went to school, while in the afternoon until the evening he tend livestock.

After he is adults, because of difficulties in seeking jobs, Oyo choosed to become farm laborers or collies in his village. However, because the thrust of life needs and wants of achieving better standards of life, Oyo finally make the decision to take the wanderers. Few capital from the results that can be farmed be collected by him, provision is made for wanderers to the city of Bandung in 1964.

In Bandung, he had to apply to the meat factory, but not received. What could he do, because although Oyo finished from School of the People’s graduates, but his certificate of qualification have been scorched with burn houses burnt in the year 1958.

Oyo then try to get along with the oil around. However, after 3 months, he did not feel comfortable with this work and feel the weight carrying kerosene. Then he switched professions with a bit of mobile lemu porridge and pacar cina ( one kind of food).

Profession as seller Lemu porridge was from 1965 until 1976, and his lifes still normally. Results of his day-to-day was still barely. Because buyers lemu porridge and pacar cina are only limited to children.

Popularizing Sports

A time inspired by the Oyo State government slogans disbursed at that time, namely, “Popularizing sport and to sport the community.” Then he thinks, “When citizens exercise is completed, they search for food,” and there is a business idea to sell chicken porridge.

Why choose a bit of chicken porridge? considering chicken porridge preferred and can be enjoyed by all groups, from children to parents. At the beginning of Oyo open the business of chicken porridge, the menu of his chicken porridge offer still very simple. Porridge with a thin topping of plain celery, nuts and crackers. But the longer the above suggestions and customers, he added side dish sliced chicken meat, cakue and others.

First it was a bit of chicken porridge in the office of Agriculture Crops in the west Javanese city of Bandung. Furthermore, because of the dynamics and the response of local people, Oyo move his business location. Customers increased to force him to seek a place of business that is more representative, namely the Road Panatayuda.

In this new place, Oyo State back to a dilemma situation. in fact, his chicken porridge is best seller, but are in demand by local people. Vehicle of buyers who meet most of the parking area residents to make another protest. In 2004, Oyo open again his business in a new place, namely the Road Sulanjana. And the first branch of the chicken porridgeya environment in the Bandung Islamic University did not escape from a similar situation. And eventually have to move to the Oyo Road Gelapnyawang.

Although experience had moved the family location, but because the chicken porridge indeed fit in the tongue buyers, the longer the business developed further. This time he has 7 branches in the city of Bandung, namely: the Road Gelapnyawang, Sulanjana Road, Ir Soetami Road, Road Surapati, BUZZ Road, all located in the city of Bandung and a new city Parahyangan, Bandung, West District.

In all branch business, opened at around 6.00 and close at around 1.00 pm, except for the Road and Road Sulanjana Ir Soetami that opened up the night at 8.00 pm. And outside the West java, he has 1 branch in Yogyakarta.

Oyo State also have to understand the correct meaning “name / brand” and professionalism, therefore he register “Chicken Porridge MH Oyo State Tea” to the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights and Ministry of Health. In addition, he also has received recognition from the Indonesian Ulama Council lawful form of lease.

For the word “Tea” means a kind of relief in the Sunda language. The word “Tea” is the name behind the inherent Oyo as the original label products made by Oyo. In fact, there are traders who have similar himself. “Developing countries, in addition to locations other than that I mentioned earlier, the

Chicken Porridge MH Oyo State ASPAL Tea (original but false),” he said. Oyo State to give a unique name for the Menu, apples (heart-ampela), Random (chicken-cakue) and ATEL (chicken egg). ATEL sale price of pulp per share of Rp 7,500 and Rp 6,000 Random pulp and Rp complete. 10,000.

Let’sgo entrepreneur

From the results his business in selling chicken porridge, Oyo can build a house for him and his family shelter. Even he is able to fulfill the religious pilgrimage. In addition, the Oyo also has a wide garden of 3,500 square meters filled with various trees, like mango, durian, coconut, and Pete toothless gum. There are also two cars and three motorcycles as the vehicle operational day-to-day.

Although from the village, Oyo State to encourage villagers not tempted to move to big city. While this is not the time anymore learner-urbanization. “It’s better to open and run a private employment in the region,” he said.

In the day-to-day job, he always included prayer and faith to God. In addition smooth and smart, he said again in the Sunda language. Smooth means prosmootficient or skilled and smart means clever in taking decisions and seize business opportunities that exist. And added with one more requirement, namely to make creative innovation to attract consumers. All the principle established APIK said.

Oyo secret in the business is willing to share with each other, not stingy, diligent and patient, do not complain when facing difficulties and not to make consumers disappointed, both in the points services and products that are sold. Oyo hiself admitted choosy and always want to know the desire of the customers. He also frequently intersperse with the ministry of humor. As he said when customers are finished eat porridge and went:

“Thank you …
Hopefully, God’s love to reply,
Do not forget to come again,
Sometime in the future deary take … “

Source reference: The article written by Dwi Bayu Radius in the Kompas Newspaper.

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