Tips to Display Ads on Billboard More Effective

Are you company owner who want to promote your brand with displaying ads on billboard?

If you frequently visit the capital city of many countries in the world, you will see lots of billboards with large size with a brand or a sentence that is sometimes funny. Typically, billboards are displaying at the main intersection, crossing the street or in the wall-storey building.

If you are a product owner or person in working of building / develop the brand, whether effective billboard displays in the main street with the huge size? According to a survey by MARS with 300 respondents conducted in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, there are about 55 brands of products displayed on billboards embedded in the consumer’s mind.

Interestingly, the level of public awareness is very low against the billboard. From 300 respondents, approximately 36% are not able to mention the product brand on billboards. There was a picture, the higher the old of respondents, the less aware of the billboard.

This is shown by more and more of those who do not know the brand displayed on billboards. In addition, the higher the social class, the higher the awareness of the billboards.

Another interesting thing is there seems to be a relationship between the sex gender with the brand on display at the billboards. This is indicated by the trend of men more remember products “man” like cigarettes and so forth when compared to females. In contrast to the females, they were also more remember products such as toiletries such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste and so on when compared with men.

So what makes billboards embedded in the minds of consumers? The first is the photos artis are appearing on billboards beautiful and handsome. Second, the picture is interesting/ unix/ beautiful, while the size of the billboard was third poin. While the bright and nice colors to be the same important factors with the usual brand association with the brand consumed that appear on the billboards.

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