The seven important reason to promote your business through internet

Although you have owned business of offline, to promote your business through internet also important. Because this matter to make you one up on than competitor. Even also can make your profit multiple. Why so?

Because internet have special advantage following:

1. Ready / stand by 24 haurs.
It is not like offline business practice or other which its service depend on office hours and workday, your site web always stand by for 24 haur and also can be accessed by customer / client anywhere and anytime

2. Reaching special market opportunity.
Through online promotion, you can effectively sell business pursuant to targeted market compartment. Either from area facet, enthusiasm, requirement of customer, Ianguage, and others.

3. Lifting your Image Business
By owning a website or blog, image of your business can be upraised. Although your business you is not big, but passing attendance by online, your business image could be upraised compared with other kompetitor and can compete with big company

4. Marketing cost more Efficient And Effective
Because marketing through internet very targeted market and lower cost if compared with offline marketing, so that the cost released for its marketing also more effective and  efficient

5. Positioning your Business In Future.
Progressively day, more and more business which attend by online. And so do your competitor. If not now, later even also they will attend their business through internet. In consequence, attendance of your business site in internet, at least have helped to position your business future

6. Make you easy In Developing good Relation With Customer.

Because internet is interaction media, you will be easily to make communications and take care of good relation with customer. Whether that by newsletter, suggestion box, survey / polling, forum, etc. Excess kinds of this peripheral, You can serve many customer in one time. More short time, cost and energy, is not?

7. Responsive Automatic System

Through automatization system, your website you can give respon swiftly if coming order or request of your business information which more complete of customer. In this instant era, speed of service is the main dan important.

Source: Mustofa Almaksum.

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