The Market of Digital Media Advertising Larger Nowdays

Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. In the event, Asia Pacific Media Forum (APMF) in Bali, President of the InternationalAdvertising Association (IAA), Alan Rutherford claimed the advertising industry and media have started shifting their activities on digital media.

Advertising market in the world began to shift from conventional to digital media,” said Alan. According to Alan Rutherford, the advertising market growth potential in Indonesia and Asia, including its media and advertising industries.

According to him, Indonesia as one of the countries that experienced quite rapid growth in industrial media, although some areas are currently economic crisis.

“The crisis does occur in some countries, such as the United States and Europe, but in some countries like Indonesia and Brazil, there are opportunities wide open to the media industry to grow, ” he said.

Alan Rutherford’s optimistic advertising and media industry in will keep growth significant in the year 2010.

“We predicted this year would grow towards a positive direction. This could be seen from start increasing advertising revenue in developed countries previously hit by the economic crisis, such as America and Europe,” he said.

He said that cellular telephone users (mobile phone) have become one of the target consumers for the advertisers, “he said.

“Almost all cell phones have multimedia facilities, so that any citizen wishes can be accessed via the internet-based phones,” he said.

Chief Executive APMF 2010, Andi Sadha says this meeting will discuss the future of advertising media, as advances in technology.

“The meeting will be more focused this time to discuss the future of advertising media strategy,” he said.

He said the theme of which was appointed adapted to the material covered, which is “Reinventing the Consumer Culture.”

“Along with the shift of consumer behavior in interacting with the media and our brand, there should be a breakthrough and strategies so as to attract consumers,” he said.

Implementation APMF held for four days until June 5, 2010 attended by 400 participants of the Asia Pacific region.

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