The export of the China Agriculture Machine up to 50%

The export of the China agricultural machine for 2007 reached approximately four billion US dollar, rose 50% in the year to the year, was like this was sent by Chairman Asosiasi of the Producer of the China Agriculture machine, Gao Yuanen.

The “value” of the “China industry of the agricultural machine of the production the total of them reached 150 billion yuan or around US$20,7 billion, rose 18 % in the year to the year,” said Gao, as being quoted by Xinhua, in Beijing, on Thursday.

Now the industrial clear profit during 2007 reached seven billion yuan, rose 38 % against the year to the year. The China size of the market of the agricultural machine attracted attention of the producer of the similar machine from several countries like Italia, South Korea, and the United States With the existence of the government subsidy for the purchase, the industry China agriculture machine could develop a growth in general per the year 30 % between 2004 and 2006.

Appropriate Minister of China Agriculture, the number of subsidies from the government of the centre rose of 300 million yuan in 2005 to 600 million yuan in 2006. The fund was provided by the surrounding territory reached 1,06 billion yuan.

A survey also showed that only 35.9 % the work of agriculture, like hijacked, spread the seed, and the harvest, all over the territory was done by the machine at the moment. Gao estimated, the production of the industry of the agricultural machine was hoped for reached 170 billion yuan in the year.

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