Several Mistake in Selling

The most important thing in business, for development and grow of a company, in addition to factors of production, distribution, promotion, that is selling. As more and more sales, then more companies have got many advantages. Because of the importance of this aspect of the sale, the company should really consider all things related to the sale. Do not let a mistake is made in the sale.

Many companies allocated the big marketing fund to increase the achievement of the sale at the same time created market awereness. However not all the efforts produced results in accordance with hope. Some causes, if the salesmen do not have the ability and knowledge sufficient to do the work, This caused the company is difficult to reach the target of total sales.

The guide about effective sale methods is very important for the company because of giving the guide to reach the profit. Without this guide, possibility it’s easy the mistake in selling. Gwyn Finnel, the consultant marketing senior Hoffman Marketing Communication in the USA gave the guide about the mistake that happened in the sale. At least there are six common mistakes in sales aspect often experienced by companies.

1. Wrong of sales strategy

The Marketing division generally develops the sale strategy without input from Customer. As the impact, the concept sale is independent and was not related with customer. In fact that the sale must connect customer as the sale target. Necessarily, the concept and the rule concerning the sale that was encompassed in the sale strategy of the company connected the aspect customer, like why does customer bought the product. Fundamental matters that how to suggest customer to consume the product, and this gives space for the company to determine the sale strategy.

2. Misread map of competition

Ablelity to read and monitor at the map of competition is very important in compiling the sale strategy. In his article, the company did not walk personally. Apart from him, many other companies that moved in the field or the similar product so potentially there is competition of business that could not possible to be avoided. If company don’t understand the map of the competition, it became the main cause of their sale is falling down.

Because of this, the map of the competition became something that is very vital and might not be left when we compiled the sale strategy, in part be related to who the competitor’s company, where the position of our company, what were the superiority and the weakness of our product compared with the competitor. The other important matter was related to the competitor’s strategy. it is Very good if you know the step in the strategy what was done competitior because in this way, you could anticipate their strategy early before the their strategy in the market give response.

3. The Motivation mistake.

The motivation, especially for the salesmen, greatly affect the sales. They are usually shadowed the target that must be reached so as they were only focussed to general products. They discouraged when the target was not reached. Because of this, salesmen should be given training, skills, knowledge and high motivation to reach the sale target that was maintained because they could undertake the task, although being shadowed the target.

4. Slow responded to Prospek

Many salesmen generally do not understand all information about the product. This condition is  aggravated with the nonexistence of efforts from the company to give the guide about the product so that, what was needed by selling during faced to customer often it was not fulfilled. Generally, change is adjourned, in fact we have the prospect.

Therefore, the company must give their salesmen various information (if need, company could do training) about product, so that information that is needed by customer at that time could be given and they could at once respond to the prospect.

5. Used the Generik Message

The Generik message, its intention upper information of a product or the service only a little without the explanation of details. As impact, the understanding of customer about the product also just a few.

In fact, there are so many information is needed, like the excellent of the product, the uniqueness of the product if compared with the other product, as well as its application. Even more information that is received by customer, it could meke customer interest to buy products.

6. Wrong Write information

The Salesmen often got complain from customer related to the information that was written, it was difficult to be understood. For example, the article too much often used the technical term so that, it is not understood by customer. A product – both the superiority, the uniqueness and value other – after the division marketing poured in an article (the brochure, the pamphlet, the banner etc.) or in the form of the picture and the article (the advertisement).

If ordered that wanted to be sent to customer through the article or this advertisement evidently fully was not understood customer, then that will reduce the target, and in the long run influenced the sale. Necessarily, the message was sent clearly and completely so that customer could understand in depth about a product.

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