More companies are interested to used Mobile Advertising Service from Telkomsel

Four months ago, the company of Telkomsel launched its products of digital media advertising services and called “mobile advertising“. The service of mobile advertising is very interesting for advertisers and currently there are 200 famous brands of various products that are ready to use mobile advertising services.

According to GM Telkomsel for Mobile Advertising Business Management, Sihol Sarumpaet, in Nusa Dua, Bali, says that companies who use the services of Telkomsel’s mobile advertising to promote their commercial advertising company, among others, banks, automotive companies, media companies and others.

“Telkomsel expect by the end of 2010 the amount of brands that advertise through Telkomsel’s mobile advertising can be from about 600 brands”, Sihol said it on the activities of the Asia Pacific Media Forum (APMF) in 2010 which lasted 2 to 4 June.

According to Sihol Sarumpaet, the service of Mobile Advertising in world forums such response was very positive and always received the attention of the participants APMF, both from domestic and foreign.

Sihol Sarumpaet argued that the presence of Telkomsel in APMF event that brings mobile advertising is the company’s efforts to introduce more commercial services to the business person/ companies, at once showed to the world if Indonesia has entered the era of mobile digital advertising industry.

Sihol Sarumpaet claims that owners increasingly believe to the Telkomsel mobile advertising services because it can target a huge market with 85 million subscribers of Telkomsel throughout Indonesia and in various segments.

“Through this service, allows the merchant or brand owners to deliver commercial messages in the form of advertisements to subscribers of Telkomsel via SMS, MMS, RBT, outbound calls, cell broadcast, and so massive, but right on targeted,” Sihol Sarumpaet said.

Mobile advertising service users can also cooperate with 33 medium-seller partners Telkomsel.

Note: for advertise at internet, you could use contextual advertising solution.

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