How to increase sales of products in the competition tight BUSINESS INTERNET?

Currently, sites that offer digital products, such as ebook, script, or vidio tutorial growing much. Not yet offering other products, where almost all of these sites sell products to resellers or Affiliates system. The more products that appear in the Internet business market, it means that the increase in tight competition in the snatch customers in the Internet business.

If you are an affiliate of a business, or your owner of a product, you must take into account the presence of competitors. Because it can affect the amount of sales or your market share will decrease. And in the end, you can you get ouf from market. Then, how To this?

According to Joko Susilo, owner of FormulaBisnis – Automatic Money Machine System, there are 4 things that should be made to face competition in the world ‘internet business’:

1. To the level of competition in the increasingly tight, you need to make some sites or blogs that interrelated and complementary.

A possible site has a relationship with the other sites, although the content may be different. For example: if a site you sell agricultural products, to support the site, you can create a blog on the tips of both agriculture. If you sell products softwere digital form, which can be downloaded or send in the form of a CD, for the support you can create a blog or website on the computer. Did they still have each other, is not it?

2. Look for affiliate, which has a site or blog associated with your product.

For example, you have a product for women, find the owner of the site or blog that contains information about the world of women. Or learn cooperation with the forum associated with your product. At its core, search sites or blog on what the outside with the product you are selling. And try to make their as affiliate or reseller where they help you in promoting  not directly.

3. Most effective for your site if you as the visitors.

Therefore, Position yourself as the visitors built a network and the jury to assess the most objective and give suggestions to your website.

When you need information about Internet Business, approximately what will you do? likely you will be visiting the search site and typing the keyword “Internet business.” So, do not forget to observe and record the scope of business that is still related to your business. For example: you are a seller of wholesale clothing, which means not only can you sell clothes, you can also receive uniforms, hats, shirts or other party and so forth. Here, you can build a network to jointly market the products. In conventional business, usually formed agency system, whereas in the Internet business is usually in the form of resellers or Affiliates.

4. Submit your site or Advertorial to Business Directory on the server, or to the site ad free. Make sure the affiliate program you enter inside, so your campaign and focus more broadly. With some tips over, you do not need to dither the affiliate program that is ready to become your competitors. Four points above will help you face and win the competition.

In addition to the above, that is not less important is you have to sell quality products and the need in the market. Do not sell products that are not qualified, because only will harm your reputation in the short term panjang. Don’t forget, make sure you manage the client / buyer you with good, services that support rapid and appropriate solutions, and will be better if you could give more value from the consumer expectations. If there are ideas others, please add comments in the form.

Many of the articles above comes from Joko Susilo’s blog, owner of FormulaBisnis – Guide revenue money from the internet.

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