Financial Tips: Save Your Extra Money by Changes Your Habits of Using The Product

In the economic times are difficult, we must be wise in using the money derived from monthly salary. One way to save your money is by changing some of your habits in using the product. Although it looks simple in, but making significant changes to your financial condition.

Suppressing unnecessary spending can save monthly expenditures. Can you believe it or not, that a lot of expenses that you do not actually compulsory in nature, so you can freely suppress the amount of spending money from your wallet.

One of the most obvious and easy ways to save some extra cash is to change some of the way you use products and items in your everyday life.  The key is to make minor changes. Yes, only small changes in your habits of using the product, but it is a major impact on large or small money out of your wallet.

For instance, always buy the cheapest hand soap you can find.  The quality doesn’t necessarily go up with the price and you can use it in place of ‘bath soap.’

Always use the whole product.  Turn bottles upside down and drain to get the last bit from them.  Tear open sugar and flour sacks to get everything; squeeze or cut open tubes to use it all before running out to buy more.  You’ll be surprised at how much there really is left!

Also, never use more than you need.  Just because it says on the box that you need a full cup, doesn’t mean that you really do it need it.  Half a measure of laundry detergent and a half teaspoon of dish soap are examples of what are usually enough, rather than what the manufacturer says. Because, of course, producers want us to get back on repeat sales of the product.

To save some cash, you can use some of the things in your house in some unique ways.  Instead of spending lots of money on the fancy floor cleaners, try using ammonia.  It does a great job, and you can use plain water in between times.  If your furniture needs some polishing, mix equal parts of white vinegar and vegetable oil and rub on the furniture.  Buff with a cloth until it shines.

For a freezer bag, use empty chip bags and close with masking taps.  Also try a bowl with a lid, such as a margarine tub.

If your skin is feeling a little dry, there are several substitutes for expensive lotion.  Petroleum jelly rubbed into your hands at night after a warm water soak, mayonnaise (rinse w/ cold water after), or any other oil based food.  Just be sure to put it on immediately after your hands have been in water.

To save some money on laundry, dissolve a bar of handsoap in water to replace laundry detergent.  Add three gallons of hot water, mix thoroughly and add a cup of washing soda.

Some other things that you can deduct are: fitness, recreation, and watch. All of it is not compulsory. At least, from once a week, the activity can you reduce to once every two weeks or once a month. There are many more expenses that you can press. At least through the four expenditure items that you should be aware. The fourth post are:

  • the telephone, electricity, water,
  • the social costs such as gifts and donations;
  • fashion and askesoris; and
  • entertainment.

1. The telephone, electricity, water

Cost of telephone, electricity and water very affected by your habit of using it. If you are not careful, the cost of telephone, water and electricity will increase. Why does this happen? because you really need a third facility and you pay the bills after using it. Normally, bills are paid late, will feel very heavy, because the uncontrolled in using.

Tips to save on phone: Do not talk long on the phone. Because the price of your telephone is quite expensive. Speak only things that are important. If you want to talk to more long, make an appointment to meet directly. You will be pleased to speak and the strengthening of friendship.

Beside that, the use of the Internet can also create your billing increases. With the growing diversity of information and facilities such as facebook, will make you forget time and use the internet long enough. Better to use email to communicate or just browsing required. Do not forget to secure the phone with a key. Especially if the number of family members at home quite a lot.

To save electricity, do not use the same electricity at night. Do not iron or wash at night, while all the lights and television on the house.

Do not let the Air Conditioner on all day. If necessary, to save, replace air-conditioning with ceiling fan or exhaust fan. Both are far cheaper than the very suck Air Conditioner electrical load. Replace light bulb with fluorescent lights. Fluorescent light may be more expensive than the bulb, but in practice, the electricity you pay and then can be much cheaper because it takes more energy efficient. Turn off the lights or electronic goods if you do not use it.

Use water spray or other terms is shower. With the shower, the water you use will be much less, but the spread of the water is still as much as you use the bucket. In fact, you may be feeling the pressure of the larger water and continuously.

Place the small tub and avoid spilling water when filling her tub. You like to turn on the tap to fill the tub? If yes, when you turn off the tap that? When the full right? And what do you do while tap water was filling the tub? The answer is clear, you must be doing something else. And unfortunately, when you return to the bathroom, not once or twice you’ll find the water you fill into the tub overflow out of the tub because of the fullness. This means, you pay for water you do not use. Loss is not it?

2. Social Costs

Have you ever tried to count how many times in this month you get a wedding invitation? Next, try to calculate again how much total money you spend on the wedding gift. Perhaps many of you are shocked after trying to count them. Why? Because too much.

Yes, a wedding present is just one example of the many ‘social costs’ that we usually encounter in our association as members of society. There are many other examples of social costs that you can meet. As some dues, requests donations to the Church, Mosque, orphanages, and so on, even “arisan/ saving club” contributions could also be classified into social costs. Why? Principle, be spending money to socialize with their surroundings, or “help” people around us, can be regarded as social costs.

Note: Arisan = Regular social gathering whose members contribute to and take turns at winning an aggregate sum of money.

If we are negligent or deliberately avoided, of course we’ll have social sanctions such as ridicule, sarcasm, or socially isolated. Indeed it makes us confused, but if we’re not good at sorting through the compulsory and where necessary, the social costs that arise day-to-day, when accumulated, can be great, and it is not impossible it will burden our finances.

Because control of these social costs are on us each one, we alone who must deal with smart expenses to cover this one, so that no budget deficit. Thus, if there are social costs that should we spend, we could also spend money for these costs with a more sincere heart, without grumbling or anger.

3. Clothing and Accessories

Clothes are important, but you may be able to suppress the amount of money you spend on clothes if you are spending to outfit was great. The definition of clothing and accessories are the clothes we wear every day along with all the complementary, such as bags, shoes, belts, and all kinds of jewelry attached to the body or clothing.

Once the various types of clothing and accessories that we are often unwittingly persuaded to have more variety of clothing and accessories. Next thing I know we have imperceptibly spend so much for spending this one.

How to make expenditures for clothing and accessories is not too much? You must ask yourself, what I really need this stuff? Do I wear it proper? Even if I was able to use it, how often? Discipline yourself to buy clothes only when it is needed. To reduce the budget, if you usually buy new clothes once a month, now try to be two months. Purchase a good quality for long-term use can use longer.

In order for new clothes and accessories you seem a lot, smart mix and match all of your collection. Thus, no new clothes or accessories that wasteful.

4. Entertainment

Entertainment is not only about watching a movie or concert, but many kinds. You see the entertainment of listening to music on your cassette at home or watching television, it also has entertainment. You go to a restaurant and eat with your friends, it is also entertainment. What else? A lot, right? Whatever it is, as long as nature can entertain yourself, it can be regarded as entertainment.

The problem is, that it would cost entertainment. For example, if you watch the movie, you spend a few dollars for one person. Sure, it looks pretty cheap. But within a month, you probably just do not watch it?

If you enjoy watching movies as a means of entertainment you unwind after a week of work, maybe this is entertainment you usually do at least once a month, since almost every month there is always a good movie is playing.

However, a cheaper way is to rent or buy a VCD/DVD is much cheaper than if you go to the movies. Yup, if you go to the movies can spend a few dollars just for one person.
Probably for the same price you could rent a 2 or 3 VCD/DVD. Or, if you buy the VCD/DVD, you can simply add a few dollars more, and VCDs/DVDs that you can watch more satisfied. Thus, the order of the most expensive as follows: going to the movies (most expensive), buy a VCD/DVD (cheaper), and rented VCD/DVD (least expensive).

For budget dining out with family, talking about the price, usually money should you spend will greatly depend on where you go. The more fine and luxurious place, usually money should you spend will be more expensive. But do not forget that it is usually quite comparable, because the atmosphere is usually too expensive.

Of course, I would not suggest you come to a place that cheap compared to expensive places, because usually each food has its pros and cons on their own. It’s okay to occasionally eat at the family took a rather fancy restaurant. For example, when the father / mother got a bonus from work. The rest, for a meal out every night the week, fast food and a clean store can be a choice.

If you’re in the home entertainment is watching TV, do not insist on cable TV subscription is your family budget is not sufficient. Today there are many TV stations you can watch. Intense competition makes them competed present an interesting event. Well, you stay diligent in reading the schedule of each television in the newspaper to find events most interesting.

Also, note the time discount, or programs as like “Buy One Get Free One”. Take advantage of the moment-moment to save your money. Sure, these are small changes, but added up, they can put some extra change into your pocket throughout the year!

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