Correct attitude to Start Business

By : Pri Notowidigdo

Start personal business represent fearful matter at the same time draw. Why? In one side, this can generate big risk. On the other side, big opportunity in life also wait. So, it is possible if someone – maybe you -? becoming want to know, any kind of our self when starting business, and any kind of which can make step will success.

I have answer for mentioned: look for the way of conventional some ways, need not be direct to do the way of real correct. Be a creative man, flexible and quickly listen carefully to change that happened by getting information about market compartment and events which is just happened.

If perceived, people who start personal business discuss important several things. Which most often: What is their personality target? Yes, what in fact the target of personality to do this matter? They also ask what is I desire in life? which I reside in 10 year ahead? what type of income I feel desire for?

Here, I must tell you, target of personality is not trivial matter. You must have or know the target of personality is really necessary for You. It Is important, because is not the business something that claim?

So, asking at yourself, are you still doing something that you wish to be done?. Ask also, do You work with the people whose you wish to cooperate to do so? is return of investment have such as those which expected? If appear dislike feeling, You will not become good entrepreneur.

After personality target, you business idea should be with personal ambition to start and operating it. Personal ambition must become the part of what You desire in life. If not, trust, all of your idea will be meaningless / useless, and don’t hope can change the business become successful business.

Now, we can tell that You know the personal target and wish very much for. Then, where from have to start it? Don’t be confused. Job experience is the part of business idea. For example, if You wish to open restaurant and have never dabbled in this world previously, sensible if You work in front at others. In this way, You’d protected from mistake in making calculation of expense. Or, nothing doing to even make business of restaurant because after working there and understand its operation, You become to know restaurant is not type of business which you wish to operated as personal business.

Besides experience, basic knowledges also one of the entrance to start Your business. Here, You shall have concept or idea which is the more You know compared to others. Intuition or feeling is not substitution for knowledge.

You can get this basic knowledges by natural by owning relevant work or experience in business. it Can be also obtained with many enquiring, hearing, reading, or doing research. Quit of whether that basic knowledges or experience, definitive, at most people, abundance idea to start frequent new business coming from the same desire: becoming rich swiftly. Is this matter real correct?

I tend to express that starting business with attitude like that is not real correct matter. It is true money is important. And money will come later such as those which we feel a desire for after passing the effort hard. But, ask to our heart, actually, what intrinsic appreciation will be accept by you for all your effort?

According to me, first step when starting personal business is: do all with as good as. Give something which is required by people. In this way, believe You’d esteem continuously though perhaps You do not yield much money initially. I think this matter represent inner vision . And, isn’t it true that Your own cannot is always be motivated to yield profit?

Many advantage which can be obtained by behaving to do all as well as possible. This attitude will make You have successful commitment. This attitude also make You continue step of situation now to become better day after day so that You even also will become someone rich of idea vision, and
ready to apply better something that compared to one who possible You see to represent best button hole at this time. In brief, this attitude make You one who dissatisfy with work which is average, but one who satisfy by doing big something that ( superior).

This is important attitude when starting personal business. And, if You sense of belonging, You properly start personal business. So, await what else?

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