Marketing Strategy: How to increase sales with public relations activities?

A few years ago, Gillette Sensor scored great sales when it was launched by PR company, PORTER / Novelli. Then, the public relations firm is believed to promote the back of gillette products specifically for women. And, PORTER / Novelli still using the same strategy to launch the Gillette product, and the results were incredible. Although at the time, Gillette has not been advertising in the mass media about their new products, but PORTER / Novelli can sell the new product to the amount of 50% exceeds the ambitious sales targets set.

Ilustration: Public Relation by article editorial/ review

How can a public relations firm can sell it? whereas Gillette as the company owner did not advertise their new product yet?

Strategies used PORTER / Novelli is to use editorial article and others trustworthy to write and inform the latest advantages of Gillette razors for women. More than 600 articles about the new Gillette products are designed for women appeared in numerous high profile media in various American cities. Furthermore, the media are encouraged to compete preach (foward) article on the latest products from Gillette as a breakthrough technology and design.

Appears it hundreds of articles to review the latest products gillette is a marketing strategy ‘Public relations‘ which is intended to build awareness in the mind of the target market customers and they finally decided to try the product and will buy again (repeat purchase).

To encourage hundreds of articles appearing in various media throughout the major U.S., Porter / Novelli organized a two-day media preview. On first day, Porter / Novelli invites news media weekly or monthly. while the next day, the company’s public relations held a press conference devoted to the general media (general news media).

By way of inviting two types of media, producing two peaks product publicity by the media. The highlight of the first publication, the latest news about Gillette products appear on general news (general news), business and trade publications, and broadcast in the spring. Then, the publication of the latest products Gillete again peaked after written by influential women’s magazine and newspaper lifestyle sections during the summer when the prospective first-time customers can purchase these products.

For the editors of magazines and newspapers weekly or monthly, Porter / Novelli portray the product is suitable for the atmosphere of a summer day shade, with the hope of the editors of the magazine got the perception that the product is suitable for a shave in the summer.

More than 250 feet of tents, hundreds of azaleas, tulips, lilies, ficus rubber trees, and even artificial waterfall created upstairs Pininsula Spa New York. The editors who attend the event receive in-depth product briefing and offered the opportunity to try the product at the Spa. This Public Relations Firm also provides written materials for press, including calendars and more backround information about the latest product development.

The next day, reporters from the media business, finance and general media creations witnessed dramatic photo of Gillette sensor dedicated to women on the wall of water. The journalists also received product samples and more complete information. And at the same time, specially packaged product samples were distributed to 1600 women opinion leaders across America.

With the attacks by leveraging public relations / PR marketing produces a powerful explosion of information consumers minds. Although they have not been doing banner advertising, billboards, or advertisements on television, but public relations strategy to bring prospective customers to try new products and ultimately become regulars.

The success of the strategy to increase sales by PR, suggesting that ‘Public relation’ is used as a powerful marketing communications tool.

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Source: W. Setiawan / Lis Hendriani at MIX Magazine.

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