Lamp & Lighting Fixtures, Sole Distributor for EYE Iwasaki Electric in Indonesia

LAMP: Metal Halide (multi ace), Mercury tanpa ballast, High Pressure Sodium, Reflector Lamp, Mercury Vapor Lamp, Halogen/Dichro-Cool Lamp.

Lamp & Lighting

LIGHTING FIXTURES:  Industrial / Highbay Lighting, Explosion Proof, Flood/Spot Lighting,  Vapor Tight, Street/Highway Lighting, Cold Storage Lighting, Area Lighting, Dust Ignition Proof, Garden/Post Top Lighting, Gynnasium Lighting, Under Water Lighting, Indoor & Outdoor Lighting.

With EYE Charcoal Filter, treatment is not needed anymore. EYE Charcoal Filter function to filter the air of dust and smoke so as to achieve high efficiency.

EYE lamp is Energy saving lapm The lights have a Lumen EYE products more higher and longer life, supported by ALGLAS finish / CHARCOAL EYE filter the light so saving cost and energy.

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