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PT. Diagnostika Sistem Indonesia, your partner in laboratory.

Laboratory products

We provide laboratory products:

  • Reagensia DSI
  • StarDust MC15
  • StarDust FC
  • UriScan Optima II
  • Dsi: Reagen & Instrument
  • URiSCAN: UrineStrip & Urine Analyzer
  • ION 3
  • Unrine control
  • Fix & Variable
  • Vacuum & Non Vacuum
  • IRIA: Autoanalyzer laju endap darah
  • Ccromatest: Serology & Golongan darah
  • Accumax: Micropipette Fix & Variable

Contact: PT. Diagnostika Sistem Indonesia

Jl. Meruya Ilir Ruko Intercon Blok A9/No. 12B,
Jakarta Barat, Indonesia.
Telp: (62-21) 5861309, 5861310, 5874321,
Fax : (62-21) 58905865
HP  : 0811 918366
E-mail : dsi [at]


O2, O3, CO2 Analyzer

O2, O3, CO2 Analyzer

orbisphere: O2, O3, CO2 Analyzer.

Hach-Lange (Orbisphere) System Analyzer.

Hach-Lange (Orbisphere) System Analyzer

Hach-Lange (Orbisphere) System Analyzer

The Hach Ultra Orbisphere product line is specialized in the research, development and production of high precision instrument geared to increase the productivity and quality of industrial processes.

As part of hach Ultra, Orbisphere brand solution continue a tradition of excellence in the detection of oxygen, ozone, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and nitrogen for beverage, electronics, industrial, life sciences and power generation application.


JL. RAYA PEJUANGAN, Kedoya Center Blok C-5
JAKARTA 11530 – Indonesia.
TELP. : (62-21) 5307083 ; 5307084 ;
FAX.  : (62-21) 5347305
Email: support [at]

Water quality in Indonesia is deteriorating rapidly while the wealth as well as size of population is increasing. Those factors lead to an increased demand in the market for an environmentally safe and clean water treatment system from a company of the future. Wealth allows people to acquire better quality products such as high quality water to improve their quality of life. With a depth, experience and knowledge in treating water, TRIOTIRTA provides those solutions to the market while enhancing the consumer quality of life.

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