We provide laboratory Instruments, Reagents, Microbiology and Dispossables

We provide products: Glassware, Microbiology, Filter paper, Balance, Reagent, Instruments, Plastic Sterile, Disposable Pipette.

Laboratory Equipment Brands

Laboratory Equipment Brands

Our PRODUCT devided into 4 groups:

Instruments: Ballance, Spectrophotometer, Viscometer, Rotary Meter, Temperature Meter, MIcropipette, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Ph TDS Conductivity meter, Salt meter, BOD meter, Stirer, Hot Plate, Oven, Waterbath, Incubator, Water analysis, Glassware, Bomb Calorimeter, Discmill, Test Sieve, etc.

Reagents: Analytical reagents, Biosciences, Chromatography, Food and Environment analysis, Life science solutions, Microscopy, etc.

Microbiology: Microbiology test kit, Media and suplement, Water microbiology testing, Dipslkides for microbiological testing, Rapid test for higyene monitoring, Microbial screening in food, industrial and environmental, etc.

Dispossables: Dispossable pipettes, Dispossable bag, Dispossable gloves, etc.


Instruments, Reagents, Microbiology, Dispossables

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Phone: (62-21) 56970366 (Hunting)
fax: (62-21) 56970408
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Website : www.vestamitramandiri.com

About Company:

We are distributor for laboratory, medical and scientific instrument. Instruments and Reagents that we supply are come from many famous and trusted brands from around the worlds, which are including from media, chemical reagent, glassware, plastic ware, instrument for microbiology and physic-chemistry analysis. Our product has been used in Cement Manufacture, Coal Mining, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Petrochemical, Petroleum Manufacture, and Pulp & Paper and also for other kind of industry.

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