We offers a complete selection of Laboratory & Medical Instrument, and Testing Equipment

We offers a complete selection of Laboratory & Medical Instrument, and Testing Equipment.

Laboratory_ Medical Instrument and Testing Equipment

Laboratory, Medical Instrument and Testing Equipment

  • ATAGO; Abbe Refractometer, Polarimeter, Hand Refractometer
  • CID; Leaf Area meter, Radiation, Porometer, CO2 – H2P Gas Analyzer
  • Eijkelkamp; Soil, Geo-Hydrology, Survey, Water, Plant- Environmental Instruments
  • FUNKEGARBER: Dairy milk Testing Instrument
  • G-WON: Grain, Seed Hay, Wood Tobacco, Flour Moisture Meter
  • HAMILTON: GC-HPLC-Syringes, HPLC Columns
  • Kett: Near Infrared Moisture Meters, Coatings Testing, Metal Detectors
  • Koehler: Petroleum Testing Analyzer
  • OPTIMA: Making Basic Lab Smarter, Spectrophometer, Shaker, Water bath
  • Orbeco-Hellige: Portable water Analyzer, Turbidity meter, Colony Counter
  • SHAW: Moisture meters, Analytical Gas Moisture, DEWPOINT Meter
  • SINAGAWA: Precision Wet & Dry Gas Meter
  • Takemura: Soil pH Moisture, Lux, Soil Hardness Meters, Fruit Hardness Testers
  • TFA: Thermohygrometer, Hygrometer Barometer, Thermometer
  • TYLER: Sieves, Wet & Dry Sieve Shakers

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PT. Damarus Panen Utama, a well established company in the capital in Indonesia, offers a complete selection of instrument, Apperatus, Safety and Testing Equipment. New division of Medical and Health Care Product already get improve. We out fit you with II kinds of Tester and Instrument right down to the last tube.


Lab Equipment: Aspiration Systems, Balance, Biosafety and Laminar Airflow, Cabinets, Cell Cultivation, Centrifuges, Colony counter, Concrete Testing Steem, Electrophoresis, Flame Sterilization, Incubator, Media Preparation,  Milk Testing,  Oven, Peristaltic Pumps, Petroleum Testing, Pipetors, Shakers, Sieve, Spectrophometer, Strirer, Viscometer, Water testin.

Medical Equipment: Air Purifier, Ambulance stretcher, Anthroprometry, equipment, Autoclave, Baby Incubator, Baby Scale, Doppler, Fetal Doppler, Vascular Doppler, Emergency kit, Operating lamp, Operating table, Oxygen Generator, Resusitator, Splints and Cervical Collars, Sterilizer, Stretcher,  Suction pump, Trial lens, Underpads, Vaccine carier, Weighing Scale.

Medical simulator: Advance Life Support,  CPR/RJP, Nursing/ Keperawatan,  Ob/Gyn.

Education Training:  Alat Peraga Fisiologi, Alat Peraga Physic, Microscope, Slide Preparate, Stopwatch.

Agriculture Measurements: Agriculture Moisture Meter, Canopy, Leaf and Roots Measurements, Chlorophyl Meter, Fruit Testing, Irrigation Stations, Lux Meter, Photosynthesis System, Porometer, Soil tester, Stomatal Conductance.

Measuring instrument: Altimeter, BOD Meter, Calorimeter, COD meter, Conductivity, Hydrometer, Hygrometer, Moisture determination, PH meter, Refractometer, Salinitymeter, Sound level meter, Thermohygrometer/ Barometer, Thermometer, Timer, Weather Station, Wet Gas Meter,

Lab Supplies: Filter paper, Laboratory glassware, Lamp for AAS and spectrophotometer, Magnifier, Microlab 600 Series, PH Paper, Syringes, HPLC, TLC, Syringes Accessories, Valves and Accessories.

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