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WTW: pH Meter, Ion/ ORP meter, Conductivity Meter, DO Meter, BOD / COD tester, Colony Counter, Specctropholometer, Turbidity meter.

SECOMAM: Quick BOD/ COD tester without reagents, Double Beam Spectropholometer.

AZ Instrument: PH Pen Tester, pH Meter, IR Thermometer, Lux Meter, Data Logger, DO Meter, TDS Meter, Conductivity Meter, Hygrometer, Tachometer.

Q-LAB: QUV Weathering Tester, Xenon test Chamber, Light fastness Tester, Salt Spray tester, Standarize Test panel.

RADWAG: balance, industrial scales, Moisture Balace, Mass Comparator, Micro balance, Check Weigher, Crane Scale, Waighing Indicator, Weight Set.

ATAGO: Refractometer (ABBE & hand), salinity meter, Polarimeter.

Tinius olsen: Universal testing machine (Tensile Strengh), melt Index tester, Impact tester, Plastic testing Equipment.

TOMY Digital Biology: Autoclave, Centrifuge.

memmert: Oven, Incubator, water bath, oil bath.

MEIJI Techno: Microscope, Metulurgy Microscope.

ELMA: Ultrasonic Cleaner.

vacuubrand: Vacuum Pump, Diaphragm & rotary vane.

Sherwood Scientific: Flame Photometer, Chloride Meter.

ESCO: Laminar Flow Cabinet, Fume Hood, Clean Room.

Grant: Thermoregulator, water bath, Refrigerated bath.

Sheen: Coating Testing Equipment, Paint Testing Equipment.

LENETA: paint test chart & testing Equipment.

TABER Industries: Abrasion Tester, Stiffness Tester, Scratch Tester.

Laboratory Equipment Brands

Laboratory Equipment Brands

We are a leading distributor of Laboratory Equipment and Supplies.

Contact: PT Prolabmas Murni Swadaya

Sentra Niaga Puri Indah Blok T3-10,
Jakarta 11610 – Indonesia.
Phone: (62-21) 5818000, 5819000
Phone: (62-21) 5816999
Email: sales [at] prolabmas.co.id
Website: www.prolabmas.com

About Company:

PT. Prolabmas Murni Swadaya is a Full Line Distributor of Laboratory Equipment, Supplies and Chemicals since 1990. Our customers ranging from Research and Industrial Laboratories, Universities, Pharmaceutical Laboratories as well as our Government research centre and Health Institution.

Our product lines include: Autoclaves, Balances, Baths, Centrifuges, Cleanrooms, Coating Test Instrument, Environmental Testing Equipment, Fume Hoods, Hotplates, Hygrometers, Incubators, Laminar Air Flow, Materials Testing Equipment, Microscopes, Ovens, Oxygen meters, pH meters, Refractometers, Stirrers, Shakers, Thermometers, Titrators, Viscometers, Weathering Testers, Xenon Test Chambers and many more.

Not only as a supplier of laboratory equipment but we also manufacture Cleanroom equipment such as Modular Cleanroom, Air Shower, Laminar Air Flow Cabinets, Pass box, Fan filter unit, Fume Hoods etc.

We can supply a full line of laboratory equipment and supplies, if you can not find the specific item in our website, please contact us, and our sales representative will be pleased to assist you in selecting the products or services that fit your expectation.

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