T & M Tiger and Made: Ear Piercing, Organic Body Piercing, Ear Gauges, Body Art forms, Silver Accesories

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organic body piercing jewelery

organic body piercing jewelery

The best place for wholesale body jewelry, ear piercing, ear gauges, Organic plug, Bone Art and silver jewelry manufacturer & exporter from bali, where the convenience, quality, price & service are combined.

Contact: sang made
Company Name: T & M Tiger and Made

Company Address:

Jl Astina Pura Utara No 3 tampaksiring Bali, Indonesia.
Posted Code : 80552
Phone :  0361 901240
Email: info@eargauges-tnm.com
Web: http://www.eargauges-tnm.com

About Company:

Tiger & Made is a company specializing in designing & producing high quality organic body piercing jewelery as well as organic fashion jewelry such as: earing, ear plug, pearcing, pendant, etc.

Located in Tampaksiring Gianyar Bali Indonesia,We have been in the business of organic body jewelry since 1998 when this type of body jewelry just started being available in shops and becoming popular among body-piercers around the world, we have since then been one of the front-runners of ideas and development for the organic piercing industry and we come out with new ideas, designs and concept on a regular basis to keep our collection fresh and interesting.

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