Inverter for General Purpose, Special for Blower and Water Pump, Elevator and Escalator, Mini Vector Inverter, etc

Frequency inverters:

  • inverter

    Q9000 High Performance Vector Inverter

    Q9000 High Performance Vector Inverter for General Purpose (2.2KW-315KW)

  • Q8000 Inverter Special for Blower and Water Pump (2.2KW-315KW)
  • Q7000 Inverter Special for Elevator and Escalator (1.5KW-110KW)
  • Q5000 Hi-Performance Low-noise Mini Vector Inverter (0.4KW-2.2KW)

Contact: Wendy
Company Name: Qma Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Company Address:
Songjiang district, Shanghai, China
Posted Code : 201613
Phone :  86-21-57603333
Mobile Phone: 18721221440
Fax: 86-21-57603838

About Company:
QMA Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is a company which is specialized in researching and developing automation control system.

QMA Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd has become a professional manufacturer of integration of research, production and selling for inverter and frequency conversion control system. The company has a professional and competent staff, devoting to the R&D of frequency conversion technology and the integration of application technology. It produces inverters special for elevator and escalator and high-performance universal vector type.

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