Hydrotalcite For Your Purchasing

To whom it may concern,

Before taking up the main subject, while making a brief introduction of myself, I am Jay Chun who currently is in charge of global sales & marketing with SeChang Co., Ltd. in Korea which specializes in producing a line of Hydrotalcites that mainly are used as eco-friendly plastic additives mainly for PVC heat-stabilizer.

In company with an increasing concern for the demand of environment-friendly non-toxic chemical additives for sound heat-stability, all of our executives and staffs are striving hard to carry out the lasting task of R&D activities and Quality Control for the ultimate satisfaction of customers in a vigorous way to march in step with fast-growing eco-friendly chemical material market, in spite of our rather short business history.

MA-20 Series, the source of our technical prowess we have, with their main applications of Flexible PVC compound, Rigid PVC, RoHS compliant PVC compound, Flame retardant cable compound, Halogen-Free cable compound, Micro pellet PVC compound etc., have enabled us to take the lead against major competitors with good heat-stability when mainly applying to PVC, and without causing the deterioration of typical characteristics of PVC. As everyone knows, PVC stabilizer will need to be replaced from Pb-St series to non-toxic stabilizer since using the Pb-St series will be prohibited in 2015.

At present, we have succeeded in keeping a valuable partnership with several leading companies in related industries located in China, Taiwan, Singapore, and some other countries, are eagerly hoping to establish a mutually beneficial business relationship with your company with a chain of technologically-advanced product lines of ours within competitive price ranges.

Unfortunately, our official company website is still under construction at the moment, but we are able to send you some kilos of samples classified by product type with an enclosed catalogue if requested. Once you need any information on our product, please feel free to contact me directly to following e-mail address or phone-number.

Then, I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,

Jay Chun/Global Business Manager

SeChang Co., Ltd.
Address: 852-12, Osikdo-Dong, GunSan City, JeonBuk, South Korea
Tel. : + 82-63-464-8500
Fax. : +82-63-464-5389
E-mail: sechang_jay[at]naver[dot]com
Website: www.sechangltd.com

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