The world leader in mechanical piping products

Victaulic, The world leader in mechanical piping products: Patent Pending, FireLock Fittings.

WATTS ACV, Automatic Control Valve;

  • Pressure Reducing Valve
  • Relief Valve
  • Float Valve

REHAU, unlimited Polymer Solutions. Raupiano Plus, Universal domestic waste water system.

Honeywell Water control, Honeywell HVAC Control:

  • BRONZEVALVE; V3-CHS-A125, V3-GAN-A125/A150, V3-CHS-A150, V3-YST-A150.
  • BRASSVALVE: V2-GAN-A125, V2-CHS-A125, V2-BAF-A600, V2-YST-A150, V4-GLO-GP16, V4-YST-GP16, V4-BFW-GP16 Gear Operated Handwheel, V4-BFL-GP16 Gear Operated Handwheel, V4-GAN-GP16, V4-GAR-GP16, V4-BLC-GP16, V4-CWD-GP16, V4-ABFW-EPN16, V4-ABFL-EPN16, V4-BFW-GP16 Hand Lever, V4-FOV-GP16, V4-CGV-GP16, V4-CGW-GP16, V4-BFL-GP16 Hand Lever, V4-CHS-GP16.
  • XE70 Series Fan Coil Thermostats
  • XE88 / XE99 / XE100 Series
  • VC Series 2/3 Way Balance Hydronic Valve
  • V40 Series 2/3 Way Motorized Valves
  • V5328 / V5088 Two Way Flange Linear Valves
  • V5011 / V5013 2/3 Way Threaded Globe Valves
  • ML7420 / ML7421 / Series, Electric Linear Valve Actuators

SINDO, TSP. Medium / Schedule 40 Black Steel / Galvanized Pipe BS 1387 / ASTM A 53 Grade A. WFS-1001 Water Flow Switch.

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