Automatic Voltage Regulator In Generator

Automotive Voltage Regulators Manufacturers India is a reliable manufacturer for producing different kinds of Automatic Voltage Regulators, Variable Voltage Regulators and Automotive Voltage Regulators.

Automatic Voltage Regulator

An automatic voltage regulator is an electronic device or circuit that automatically maintains a constant amount of voltage in an electrical line. Features & Benefits of Automatic Voltage Regulator:

  • Provides protection against short circuit and overload.
  • Offers automatic voltage regulation.
  • Protects sensitive electronic equipments against brownouts and over voltages.
  • Provides protection against surge, spike and lightning.
  • Offers reliable and consistent voltage regulation.
  • Equipped with built-in transformers or servo motors.
  • Automatic voltage regulator are provided with LED indicators to monitor status of working, excitation, sensing voltage, etc.
  • Supplied with dual meters that indicate regulated voltage and line voltage.
  • They have a modular construction for easy customization.

Uses & Applications:
Automatic voltage regulator is used with almost all kinds of electrical and electronic equipments. Some of its common applications: Generators, Auto testing equipment, Broadcasting, Industrial automation, Commercial application in high rise buildings, Military application, Process control, Marine application, Medical application, Mobile communication, etc.

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