HOT DIP GALVANIZE, Gives resistance to all construction steel against rust and corrosion for 50 years

HOT DIP GALVANIZE, gives resistance to all construction  steel against rust and corrosion for 50 years, no longer maintenance.

Hot DIP Galvanize process: Degreasing, Rinsing, Pickling, Rinsing, Fluxing, Drying, Dipping, Quenching, Quality Control, Packing.

* Varnish & Venting / Draining (If necessary with extra charge).

We prove that we are the only ones capable of coating your material in a variety of sizes and shapes with a professional and timely.

Contact: PT BAPI ( Bumi Agung Perkasa Indah)Pioneer in the Hot DIP Galvanize industry in Indonesia


Jl. Inspeksi PAM, Raya Cakung Clincing,
Jakarta Timur 13910, Indonesia.
Phone: (62-21) 4600953
Fax: (62-21) 4600952

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