Futsal franchise opportunity

Now days, sport of futsal is a profitable business opportunities in Indonesia. Many young people like to play futsal. Futsal field is always full and’re always booked. Trend futsal is increasingly popular sports in the community to make futsal not just a sport but have become part of people’s lifestyles.

Futsal Nusantara

Futsal Nusantara present as the first Futsal franchise and the only one in Indonesia that offers efficient investment and favorably with the quick back of BEP (Break Event Point). The investment cost for 1 futsal field ranging from Rp 250juta. We have more than 8 years to build futsal throughout Indonesia. Development includes the construction of buildings, grounds and its facilities, and equipped with systems management and proven marketing profitable.

Fulfil your dream business investment now!

Contact: Elita Pertiwi
Company Name: Futsal Nusantara
Company Address: Komplek Angkasa Pura Blok R6, Kemayoran, Jakarta Pusat – Indonesia. Posted Code : 10630
Phone 1:  021-65 8686 43
Phone 2:  021-65 8686 50
Mobile Phone: 08119692202
BB PIN: 273.94B.F9
Fax: 021 42 888 340
Email: futsalnusantara168@gmail.com
Email: info@futsalnusantara.com
Website: www.futsalnusantara.com

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