Foundry (Sand Casting – Investment casting), Engineering – Industries

Foundry (Sand Casting – Investment casting), Engineering – Industries.

  • Cast iron dust collecting valve
  • Low carbon press steel cone
  • Cast iron steam separator
  • Low Carboa steel Lorry wheel
  • Link-H
  • High alloy steel worm screw
  • Stainless steel impeller
  • Centrifugal pump
  • Warping head
  • Ductile iron sprocket chain
  • Triple gear
  • Stainless steel slurry pump
  • Ductile iron sprocket gear
  • Track shoe
  • Whole Bearing
  • Clutch
  • Gigh alloy steel Ripple Mill Plate
  • Gear Wheel
  • Manganese Cutler teeth
  • Bucket casting

Mining, Heavy Equipment Parts, Investment Casting Products, Ship Propeller, Coupling, Heat Resistant Steel Grates, Palm Oil Mill, Pump and so on.

Quality Provider you satisfaction.

Contact: PT Karya Deli Steelindo

Head office and Factory:
Jl. Pulau Tanah Masa No 168 KIM II,
Medan 20371 – Indonesia.
Phone: (62-21) 6871451 (Hunting)
Fax: (62-21) 6871452
Email: karyadeli [at]

Branch Office Jakarta:
Jl. Kapuk Muara Blok D/43,
Komlek Ruko Duta Muara, Jakarta Utara.
Phone/ Fax: (62-21) 55965337

About Company:

PT. Karya Deli Steelindo is the industry’s iron and steel foundries and enginerring established in 1974 in Medan. At its inception, the company was only able to produce gray cast iron using a furnace with a copula and kempuan very limited.

Since 2000, PT. Karya Deli Steelindo has been developing and improving the ability of using electric induction furnaces (induction melting furnace) to make various kinds of iron alloys and steel alloys and even different types of stainless steel.

This is possible because it is supported by a complete laboratory facility such as spectrometer to analyze the composition of iron and steel and stainless steel quickly and accurately, heat treatment furnace that is useful to improve the properties phisis and improve mechanical strength of the iron and steel, hardness testers to find out microstructure of the iron and steel, and for finishing equipped with a mechanical workshop to be able to produce cast iron and steel products are of high quality that is supported also by a skilled workforce and professionals under the supervision of  experts from Germany.

In 2006, PT. Karya Deli Steelindo add a new division in the field of fusion of precision investment casting division. This division has a casting process with wax, which can produce various kinds of products requires a high degree of precision and smooth surfaces.

The purpose of PT. Karya Deli Steelindo is producing special steel products and iron and stainless steel high quality to meet market demands and customer requests in accordance with national standards and international standards.

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