We provide Filters optimize engine work, reduce production costs, increase the capacity usage of the machine, etc

Any environment and filtration problems you may have, just let us handle and solve it. Our quality and services are dedicated for your satisfaction. We offer good service, high quality and excellent design according to your needs.

Automatic Back Flash Filter, Press and Cloths.

Did you know 75% damage to the engine quality is affected by the negligence replace filter? If you do not care about the Cost Efficient, do not replace your filter.

  1. Do you want to optimize engine work?
  2. Do you want to create a clean and healthy environment?
  3. Do you want to reduce waste?
  4. Do you want to reduce production costs and maintenance cost?
  5. Do you want to increase the capacity usage of the machine?
  6. Do you want to replace the more advanced technology?
  7. Do you want to meet ISO standards?

If the answer is YES, We answer your needs concerning Filters

Contact: PT. Filtec Onestop Filter Supply

Jababeka Industrial Estate,
Jl. Jababeka IIIG, Bloc C-17 O,
No. Telephone : (62-21) 89832288 ; 97208252 ;
36554888 (Hunting)
Mobile Phone : 0811952848 ; 081511394888 ; 087881944888
No. Fax : (62-21) 89832266
E-mail : info [at] filtec.co.id
Website : www.filtec.co.id

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