Innovative Clean Air Solutions

INNOVATIIVE CLEAN AIR SOLUTIONS™. Our supplies are : HVAC air filter (Pre, Medium, Hepa & Ulpa Filter 99.9995% ), Washable Filter, Gas turbine, Chemical Filter, Filter Bag & Cloth, Particle Counter Frame & housing Clean Room.


JL. P. Jayakarta Dalam No. 42 C,
Jakarta Pusat 10730 – Indonesia.
No. Telephone: (62-21) 6284523, 6396476
No. FAX. : ( 62-21) 6393276 ; 6492255
E-mail : sandutin [at],

The company first came into the market in 1980 and operated as a limited partnership ( CV ) and was known as CV DUTA INSTRUMENT with its office located in Jalan Pinangsia II No. 1 Jakarta. The company started the business as a trading company engaged in the sales and supply of control instrumentation to the oil industry as well as providing repair and maintenance services particularly related to this product line.

1982 was a historic year for CV DUTA INSTRUMENT. due to tremendous growth during its two years of operations, the share holders realized the need to transform the company’s legal status from a limited partnership to a limited liability company / corporation ( PT ). Effective February 19, 1982 the company commenced its activities under the new name of PT DUTA INSTRUMENT ALFA SAKTI and expanded the business into various other industrial products. It succeeded in concluding several agency agreements with overseas manufacturers to represent them and market their product in Indonesia.

In view of its rapid and continuing growth the company’s premises were no longer suitable to accommodate its entire activities it has been decided to relocate the present address at Jalan Pangeran Jayakarta Dalam No. 42 A, C & 42IV in Jakarta Pusat. The new premises consisting of 486 m2 office space and occupied for the company’s sales, financial and administrative departments.

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