GOO-FAR Fuel Filters & Water Separator, We are looking for Worlwide Exclusive, Non-Exclusive Distributors

GOO-FAR is looking for Worlwide Exclusive, Non-Exclusive Distributors.

GOO-FAR  Fuel Filters & Water Separator.
GOO-FAR Yakit Filtreleri & Su Separatorleri.

REVOLUTION at Separator Technology

Are you tired of replacing your PAPER Filter Element? Tired of Regular PAPER Filter Element Costs? Always Need to have big stocks of PAPER Filter Elements for your fleet?

Remove your Fuel Filter & Water Separator which has PAPER Filter Element and install GOO-FAR Fuel Filter & Water Separator.

  • NO Filter Element Replacement
  • NO Regular Costs
  • NO need filter element stocks anymore
  • NO water drops allowed to engine anymore because of PAPER filter element FAILURE

NON-STOP Sailing-Driving-Travelling with GOO-FAR  Bad Fuel ? Water in your tank ? Never get worried.. GOO-FAR will never let anything bad pass through 99,99 % Water Separation…30 micron particule separation .. 100-1000 times more lifetime than PAPER Filter Elements.. Just Clean in 30 seconds and put it back inside the separator…FOR YEARS…

GOO-FAR will be the last separator you will buy …with its unique properties and Lifetime Filter Element.

99,99 % Water Separation
30 Micron Particule Separation

Contact Us for being our Sole Agent or Distributor in your Country.

Yakit Filtrasyon Sistemleri
Fuel Filtration Systems

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