Lotus provide high quality eco-organic fertilizer

LOTUS (GUANGZHOU) INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD provides high quality eco-organic fertilizer with competitive price, such as Guano phosphate, feather meal, DCP, SSP, SOA, PMS (Potassium magnesium sulfate fertilizer) and Triple super- phosphate fertilizer and so on.

Agriculture magnesium sulfate

Agriculture magnesium sulfate

We are working hard to be the most professional eco-organic fertilizer supplier all the time.

Products: Kaolin, BaSo4 Barium sulfate, Nanoscale calcium carbonate, Maifanite, Potassium feldspar, Camellia seed cake, Agriculture magnesium sulfate (MgSO4.H2O), Agriculture magnesium sulfate (MgSO4.7H2O), Ammonium sulfate, single superphosphate SSP, Fertilizer grade dicalcium phosphate(DCP), Chicken manure, Quail Manure, Potassium Magnesium Sulphate PMS, Feather Meal, Triple superphosphate, Heavy Calcium Carbonate, Guano Phosphate , Bat Guano.

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About Company:

LOTUS (GUANGZHOU) INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer of Eco-friendly products. Located in Guangzhou city, it has a full capacity to carry out a service of imports and exports. We mainly supply Guano phosphate, feather meal, PMS (Potassium magnesium sulfate fertilizer) and Triple super- phosphate fertilizer for agriculture and animal feed industry.

News: The characteristic and The Effect of Feather meal

How does the feather meal made from? Feather meal is created from poultry feathers by partially hydrolyzing below elevated heat and stress after which grinding. Though all of nitrogen ranges are pretty high, the bioavailability with this nitrogen may be very low.

Feather meal is utilized in formulating animal feed and in natural and organic fertilizer. Poultry necessary protein may be a merchandise resulting through the therapy of clean, undecomposed feathers from slaughtered poultry, free of charge of additives. Worldwide, far more than 25 billion chickens are utilized for individual consumption. Feather meal is created via a procedure named rendering. Steam stress cookers using a temperatures of about 140°C are utilized to hydrolyze and sterilize the feathers. This partially hydrolyzes the proteins which denaturalize it. It is then dried, cooled and soil in to a powder for use as an natural and organic soil amendment.

Feather meal (FM) may be a by-product within the poultry digesting industry, and consists of as a good deal as 12% Nitrogen. It may be a supply of higher slow releasing natural and organic nitrogen fertilizer for natural and organic gardens. It is not drinking water soluble and do not make a superb fluid fertilizer.

Feather meal has a quantity of superior impact as fertilizers. It could be utilized to improve eco-friendly leaf growth. It could be utilized like a compost decomposition activator. Also, it can improves soil framework when adding for your garden like a nitrogen supply since it could mix it in to the soil at any time.

What is more, feather meal is primarily a superior resource of necessary protein for most animal diets. It could be utilized to replace considerable portions of other necessary protein options in livestock and aquaculture diets. feather meal is generally utilized in feeding monogastric and ruminant animals. Of course, greater quantities can usually be fed to ruminant animals.

Considerable benefits could be realized through the substitution of feather meal for higher price fish food formulations.

If you are interested in the high quality feather meal, you can search LOTUS (GUANGZHOU) INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. It is a professional manufacturer of Eco-friendly fertilizers.

Located in Guangzhou city, it has a full capacity to carry out a service of imports and exports. The company has the sufficient and different kinds of feather meal. Of course, the price is very fair.


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