Fertilizers Distributor

We PT. BHS located in Medan, Jakarta and Surabaya Warehouse sell
Fertilizers, Cover Crops and Agrochemical.

1. Macro Fertilizer:

  • MOP origin Rusia, Canada, Germany
  • Rock Posphate origin Egypt, China
  • Urea Non Sub origin Pusri, PKT, PIM Kujang
  • Ammonium Sulphate (ZA)
  • NPK : 15-15-6.4; 12-12-17.2 etc
  • Triple Super Posphate (TSP) origin China
  • Kieserite origin China, Germany
  • Dolomite origin Local

2. Micro Fertilizer:

  • -Borate origin Turky, USA
  • Cooper Sulphate origin Taiwan
  • Zinc Sulphate

3. Cover Crops : PJ, CM, MB, MC etc

4. Agrochemical : Herbiside (Paraquat & Glyphosat)

PT. BHS are Fertilizers Distributor, Importer and Manufacturer. Contact us for more information:

PT. Bukit Hijau Subur
Email : sinto.rz [at] gmail [dot] com
Phone: (021) 82496256
Fax:  (021) 82484235


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