Vanco, The Best Solution in Ventilation; Single inlet centrifugal fan, axial flow fan, Air Curtain, Celling fans, etc

Industrial, commercial Buildings & Home Application for Air Ventilation.

  • VFS Series: Forward curved- Single inlet centrifugal fan
  • VFD series: Forward curved – double inlet
  • VBS series: Backward curved – single inlet centrifugal fan
  • VBD series: Backward curved- double inlet
  • VFCS series: Cabinet fans – sigle inlet
  • VFCD series: Cabinet fans – Double inlet
  • CD series: Direct drive centrifugal fan
  • VIT series: Tubular in-line fan
  • VAD series: Direct-drive axial flow fan
  • VAP series: Belt-drive axial flow fan
  • VAB series: Bifurcated axial flow fan
  • VAS series: compact type axial fan
  • VEP series: Wall mounted propellar fan
  • VAR series: Roof mounted axial fan
  • VAM series: marine fan
  • VPC series: Celling centrifugal extractor
  • VPC-A series: Celling axial extractor
  • VPD series: Wall or window Ventilating fan
  • VFE series: Floor and desk fan
  • VSF & VBF series: Forceful stand & wall fan
  • VDE series: Deluxe wall fan
  • VAC series: Air Curtain
  • VHC series: Celling fans

Contact: PT. Vanco Mas SejahteraThe Best solution In Ventilation.


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