Natural Mist Maker, produces natural moisture

Natural Mist Maker. Produk ini menghasilkan 100% embun alami yang sangat halus sehingga udara disekitar menjadi lebih sejuk dan segar. Alat ini banyak digunakan pada peternakan unggas, budidaya jamur, greenhouse, garden, landscaping, kennel, zoo, amusement park cafe, food count, sport centre, pabrik, dan lain sebagainya.

English Version:
Natural Mist Maker. This product produces 100% natural moisture that is so fine that the air around becomes more cool and fresh. This tool is widely used in poultry farming, mushroom cultivation, greenhouse, gardens, landscaping, kennel, zoo, amusement park, cafe, food count, sport centers, factories, and others.

  • Compressor/ super charger 30 – 80 kg/m2
  • Drum type w/ cross Nest, mobile spray, cooling fan, 3Wz30-1
  • Humidifier WZ-150BR
  • NEW Nozzle & Tubing System
  • Fog Spraying Wall Fan, FS6 & FS^-60
  • Misty Stand Fan Drum Type FS-65 & FS-75
  • Industrial Humidifier, IMC-AJS06, IMC-AJS12
  • Portable Misty Stand Fan 26″
  • Alaska Air cooler Pump w/ Digital Controller LS 703DLV3 & LS 705DLXV

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