The Elevator and Escalator Company, Swiss Technology since 1874

The Elevator and Escalator Company, Swiss Technology since 1874 . Machine roomless lift, smart lift, passenger lift, panorama lift, service lift, goods lift, escalator, moving walk.

Planning, sales, installation, production, service, maintenance, modernization,  replacement.

Jardine Schindler Group supplies a fully comprehensive range of elevator throughout Asia Pacific: from standard, cost-engineered units for basic applications to custom-designed vertical transport solutions serving the most challenging and sophisticated building complexes.

We offers elevators for residential, commercial, public transport and industrial applications, for all low, medium and high rises and with a wide variety of geared, gearless and machine-room-less options.

We carried more than 700 million people vertically, diagonally and horizontally, using our elevators, escalators and moving walks.  Today, we’ll do it over again.

Contact: PT Berca Schindler LiftsA member of the Jardine Schindler Group.


Menara Rajawali 5th floor, Podium,
Mega Kuningan, Jakarta,
Phone: (62-21) 5761476
Fax: (62-21) 5761844


Jardine Schindler Group (JSG) is a Joint Venture between Jardine Matheson in Hong Kong and Schindler Group of Switzerland, who between them bring over 300 years of experience in business management, regional specialization and engineering excellence.

Jardine Schindler Group is headquartered in Hong Kong and designs, engineers, installs, maintains and modernizes elevators, escalators and moving walkways in Indonesia, Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar,  the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and

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