Formely LG Elevators, Machine Room Less, Elevator up to 420 MPM, Escalator & Moving Walk

Formely LG Elevators of LG Industrial Systems Co., Ltd.

SIGMA Elevator Company – Machine Room Less, Elevator up to 420 MPM,  Escalator & Moving Walk.

The elevators with South Korean Advanced technology offers a guaranteed quality with competitive prices and after sales service.  With ditributed inverter system 32-bit micro computers, elevators / Lift become more efficient, convenient and easy to maintain.

Sole Agent: PT Jaya Kencana


Jl Salemba Raya No 61,
Jakarta 10440,
Phohe: (62-21) 3908501 (hunting)
fax: (62-21) 3908510
Email: jaken_lift [at]

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