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Passenger Lift:
Advanced concept in design and manufacture skills add more shape consept and flexibility for designer in its work. With new VVVF Traction Machine, Sakura Passenger Lift can be widely used in residential buildings and common office buildings. Accurate controlling system and operation system can ensure the fast, stable and safe travel. Sakura also accept customer design to maximize the needs of our customer.

passenger lift and Home lift

passenger lift and Home lift

Home Lift
Means of Vertical  Transportation; or the building (house) rise time of need, especially residents of the building (house) is there are people you love, so that harmony with your beloved family hindered, not only because of vertical transportation equipment in the building / house. But this time there is a solution to the problem Home Lift or Home Elevator.

Bed Lift
Sakura Bed Lifts In view of modern hospital, the particularity of medical system and so on special situation. Fully consider the passenger demands, The Bed Lift in design is thoughtful, for example : Using the indirect lighting, causes the patient to exempt the light stimulation. Uses open the door smoothly the system, causes the patient to ride the elevator to be calmer.

Uses the sedan theater box arm rest, causes the child, the old person and the patient has the security sense while the elevator, the ranking. In aspects and so on security, movement quality, delivery efficiency, economical energy consumption has a higher quality, deducts the medical elevator with all one’s strength the brand new space.

Panorama Lift

Cargo Lift
Sakura Cargo Lifts, equipped with AC-VVVF inverters, are provided with the advantage of high efficiency, high torque, and low noise. With the solid structural design, firm cabin, wide cabin door, smooth and safe operation, Sakura Cargo Lifts are suitables for the freight delivery at factory, warehouse, station and shopping mall..etc.

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