Integrated Electronics Technical Service Centre; Maintenance, repair and servicing of industrial electronic parts & equipment

Integrated Electronics Technical Service Centre. Specialise in Sales, Design, Maintenance adn repair all types of Electronic instruments, Industrial Control Card, PLC Controller, AC & DC Power supply, AC & DC Inverter.

Power capacitor, Resistor, Diode, SCR, FET, IGBT, SMT, IC, Transistor.

The main activities:
We specialize in the maintenance, repair and servicing of the following equipment, and supply of Power Semiconductor.

  • Industrial Equipment
    • Process control systems
    • Warning Systems
  • Electrical Power Installation
    • Protection relays
    • Transducers
  • Power Semiconductor
    • IGBT
    • Transistor
    • Thyristor
    • SCR
    • FET
    • Intelligent module
    • Diode
    • SMT IC
  • Scientific Equipment
    • Measuring instruments
    • Chemical analysers
  • Power Electronics
    • Motor drives
    • Chargers and inverters
    • AC and DC power supply

Contact:  Integrated Electronics Technical Service Centre


No. 38 Jalan TS 6/6, Subang Industrial Park,
47510 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan,
Phone: (603) 56374580, 56374581
Fax: (603) 56374582
Email: howeng [at]

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