Relay Test Equipment, Transformer Turn Ratio Meter, Winding Resistace Test, Micro-OHM Meter, Portable Oil Tester, etc

  • COTEL: Relay test equipment.
  • Raytech: Transformer turn ratio meter, winding resistace test, Micro-OHM meter.
  • iup corp, Fault Wizard, Portable cable fault locator
  • Deltatronic Technology: Portable oil tester up to 100 KV.
  • ION Science: Portable SF 6 leak detector, Portable multigas detector, Portable PID instrument, Portable refrigerant leak.
  • elcontrol: Power quality analyzer
  • LINDSEY: Emergency restoration system (Tower emergency), for EHV & HV transmission lines up to 500 KV system.
  • RIBE: electrical fittings for HV and EHV grid, outdoor substantion, fiber optic, overhead cable and railway.
  • Arras Maxei: On-line transformer oil, treatment plant.
  • Siemens, Vatech, Toshiba : Protection relay and auxiliary relays.
  • Lis : gas imaging systems online SF 6 leak detection.
  • DUBUIS (Energy on hand) : Hydraulic crimping and cutting tools.
  • HASEGAWA: Voltage detctors, Phase testers grounding devices.
  • CARABELLI : Equipment for construction, control, control & maintenance of electrical, Transmission and telephone lines, Personal protective equipment.
  • Weis Mela: Corcuit breaker testing, dynamic timing testing, micro-ohm meter, online switchgear monitoring, fault recording, test and monitoring equipment.
  • IRISYS: Universal Infrared Thermal Imager.
  • CTRL: Corona/ partial discharge detector, ultrasonic inspection systems, bearing condition and monitoring, leak detection systems.
  • UTEC: CT/PT testing equipment, Field test equipment, meter test bench.

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