Matsuyama: Stavolt/ Stabilizer/ UPS Full Automatic, etc

Matsuyama, Stavolt/ Stabilizer/ UPS full automatic. capacity: 0,5 KVA 1 phase s/d 1250 KVA 3 phase.

  • Protect your electrical equipment from voltage disturbances up and down
  • Ensure all your equipment works more perfect and durable.
  • After sales service

Transformer Mega Indo, Product:

  • Distribution Transformer: 25 KVA up to 10.000 KVA
  • Auto transformer: 3 KVA up to 1000 KVA
  • Adaptor / Rectifier 50 AMP up to 10.000 AMP
  • UP on request
  • Installation (experience: 20 years)
  • Maintenance of transformer
  • Oil analysis
  • Purification and reconditioning oil transformer (service & maintenance)


  • Distribution panel MV & LV
  • Capacitor bank
  • AMF control panel-ATS
  • Synchronizing panel
  • Control panel system MV & LV
  • Up on request
  • Installation (experience 20 years)

Contact: Gunindo Trimukti pt

Head office:

Jl Gading Kirana Timur Blok A-11 No 16,
Komplek Gading Kirana, kelapa Gading,
Jakarta Utara 14240,
Telp: (62-21) 4513877 (Hunting), 4534303,
Fax: (62-21) 4513878, 4513879

Email 1 : gunindo [at]
Email 2 : matsuyama_jakarta [at]
Website :


PT. Gunindo Trimukti is a company that was originally only do business in the field of general trade and services electricity known as PD. Gunindo which has stood since 1977. Then the company developed and set up a factory to assemble and produce their own electrical products quality, in 1991 PD Gunindo name legally changed to PT. Gunindo Trimukti.

PT. GUNINDO TRIMUKTI also provide some services construction,  Transformer Maintenance, Cubicle Maintenance and installation and also other services.

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